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Writing and Publishing

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 Writing and Publishing

Changes in the way we communicate and consume writing blur the traditional lines of genre and rhetoric, challenging what "technical writing" or "creative writing" used to mean. Whether it's a president disseminating policy on Twitter or a talk show succeeding at influencing politics more than politicians, professional writers need to be able to disassemble the component building blocks of varied genres and reassemble them according for the needs of mixed audiences. My professional experience in multiple genres allows me to do that. 

  • Co-wrote a textbook  on composition
  • Developed professional style guides for Jamco America, Inc.
  • Worked in diverse positions as a professional writer and editor
  • Published  and/or presented at academic conferences
  • Taught English composition at Brigham Young UniversityIdaho and The George Washington University 

See my editing page for publishing experience which doesn't involve my own writing 


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