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The following list details a few service organizations and projects I have been involved with. Each example demonstrates leadership skills, and cumulatively this list describes a lifelong pattern of taking initiative on issuesprofessional and personalthat I am passionate about.

Brigham Young UniversityIdaho-- Fall 2011-Summer 2013

   MCAT Preparation

  • Taught multiple classes on reading comprehension and writing in preparation for the MCAT standardized test for graduating seniors in the nursing program.

   Posters and Papers judge

  • Judged posters competition set up by the BYU-I's engineering and science departments 
   Research and Creative Works Conference
  • Volunteered as judge for fiction contest multiple times.

Kershaw Elementary School, Sugar Salem, ID-- Spring 2012

   Judge for Spelling Bee

  • Officiated at a local spelling bee

Prefix Journal-- Spring 2011

   Assistant Editor

  • Copy edited essays for publication
  • Content edited essays for publication

Boy Scouts of America-- Fall 2009-Spring 2011

   Cub Scout Committee Chair

  • Presided over planning meetings for several area cub troops
  • Conducted rechartering
  • Provided supplies and developed activities
  • Filled out paperwork and did the necessary busy work 
  • Obtained permits and insurance waivers for activities

BYUIdaho English Academic Society-- Winter 2007-Fall 2008


  • Met with the representatives of five other scholastic councils to plan the 2008 BYUI Pre-Professional Conference
  • Presided over meetings: Decided on agenda, made assignments, and kept people from talking too much
  • Worked with faculty to invite National Book Award-caliber authors to campus

   Professional Writing Coordinator

  • Instructed and organized several workshops which taught students and faculty how to use Adobe InDesign 
  • Met weekly with 6 other student councilors to coordinate activities, and plan budget
  • Coordinated visits with professional writers from the community

2007 BYUIdaho Pre-Professional Conference Organizer

  • Scheduled, introduced and presided over the professional writing panel which comprised the first session of the conference
  • Invited four technical writers to the conference and coordinated their visits
  • Helped select which student papers would be read in the conference

 2008 BYUIdaho Pre-Professional Conference

  • Planned, as president of the English Academic Society, the English departments role in the conference
  • The conference was attended by over 400 students
  • Scheduled, introduced and presided over the professional writing panel
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Fall 2002-Fall 2004

   Full Time Service Representative. Los Angeles, CA

  • Worked six-day weeks
  • Worked 10-hour days for five days a week
  • Taught a mixture of pre-planned and spontaneous lessons to complete strangers

   Worked in leadership positions for 18 of my 24 months

  • Worked personally with the leader of the Los Angeles area and directed the efforts of several service representatives below me who were, in turn, directing the efforts of other service representatives
  • Planned smaller weekly meetings and larger monthly meetings to help train and coordinate activities
  • Gathered statistics from individual service representatives and helped interpret the information

   Taught free English classes in Korea Town

  • Helped recent immigrants learn basic skills in English so they could get better jobs
  • Taught the weekly class for six months
  • Personally developed the curriculum
  • Worked with 20 different students

Salvation Army, Adopt A Family--Winter 2000

   Project Coordinator, Salvation Army. Everett, WA

  • Organized the efforts of over 20 other volunteers
  • Delivered Christmas gifts, a Christmas dinner and several days worth of groceries to two local single mothers
  • Learned and practiced, as a high school senior, organization and leadership skills

Boy Scouts of America--April-July 2000

   Eagle Project

  • Made 14 mile-markers for a running trail in South Everett, WA
  • Scheduled the work for a total of 32 volunteers
  • Spent over a hundred hours completing the project from inception to completion