Best and not-best practices for remote instruction

After seeing my children interact with online learning platforms during the first couple weeks of COVID19 home learning, I've started to identify some "to dos" and "to avoids." I assume there are similar best practices for Google Classroom, though I am less familiar with that platform. These are not meant to disparage any particular teacher, as they are all doing incredible and amazing work. I have probably done many of the "to avoids" and I am not yet doing many of the "to dos."

To Do

    • place each day's lesson / tasks in its own folder with a title that includes the date
    • consider using "requirements must be completed in sequential order" within day's folder to order student tasks
    • use student completion rules to set some required tasks within a particular lesson
    • use "add page" with inline option to introduce overall lesson
    • worksheets: use google drive add-on to auto-distribute google docs to each student, which can then be filled out and submitted
    • don't do too much or get too fancy
    • a schoology folder (that contains a particular daily lesson) has a link that can be emailed or posted elsewhere - ctrl click and copy link
    • the most important goal for live sessions is building relationships, checking-in, answering questions, and saying hi; delivering content is also important but secondary.
    • have everything accessible from one place - place the entirety of one lesson within a single schoology folder
    • the most common question/frustration my kids have is, "what do I have to do and when is it due?" Design things so students don't have to ask that question.

To Avoid

    • materials tab is used as file storage for the teacher
    • "I use both schoology and google classroom, so you'll need to look in both places."
    • relying only on due dates of assigned tasks for students to know what to do
    • everything is published to students, even if not needed nor assigned
    • "sorry, I forgot to update schoology - try again and I'll give you an extra day to finish it"