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02. Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor of Art History
The College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY
Fall 2011-present
(formerly Adjunct Professor of Art History and Philosophy, Fall 2003, Spring 2005, Spring 2006-Spring 2008; and Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History, Fall 2008-Spring 2011 )

Graduate courses:
  • AED 518 Contemporary Art History
  • AED 521 Art Criticism
  • AED 596 Thesis [advisor for seven MA theses]
Undergraduate courses:
  • AHI 101 Introduction to Art History for Non-Art Majors*
  • AHI 208 Introduction to Art History
  • AHI 209 Introduction to Non-Western Art*
  • AHI 211 Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin American Art*
  • AHI 238 History of Art and Dance from the Renaissance to Postmodernism*
  • AHI 247 History of Modern Art
  • AHI 344 History of Art since 1945 (Writing Intensive)
  • AHI 366 History of Photography (Writing Intensive)
  • AHI 376 Latin American Art since Independence (Writing Intensive)*
  • PHI 385 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
  • PHI 410 Senior Philosophy Portfolio

*AHI 101, AHI 209, AHI211, AHI 238 and AHI 376 are courses Dr. Shane designed and introduced into The College of Saint Rose’s Art Department’s curriculum. Additionally, AHI 211 and AHI 376 are now part of The College of Saint Rose’s Latino Studies Minor.

In 2007 Dr. Shane helped assist in preparing the art history component of the Art Department’s review and subsequent re-accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Adjunct Professor of Art History
State University of New York at Albany, Albany, NY
Spring 2009, Spring 2010 to present

Courses taught:
  • AARH 366 Modern Art II
  • AARH 468 Art since 1945 (Writing Intensive)

Adjunct Professor of Art History
Sage College of Albany, Albany, NY
Fall 2007, Fall 2008

Course taught:
  • ART205-10 Art History I

Writing Instructor
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
Fall 2005-Spring 2006

Courses taught :
  • WRT 101 Introductory Writing Workshop (College Writing and Rhetoric)
  • WRT 102 Intermediate Writing Workshop (College Writing and Rhetoric)

Teaching Assistant
Department of Art History, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
Fall 2001-Spring 2005
Assistant for courses:
  • ARH 101: Art in Culture from Prehistoric Times to the Age of Cathedrals, ca. 1400AD
  • ARH 102: Art in Culture from the Early Renaissance, ca. 1400, to Postmodernism
  • ARH 306: The Early Renaissance in Italy
  • ARH 314: Northern Baroque Art and Architecture, 1600-1700
  • ARH 333: Arts for the Public
  • ARH 342: Art of the 20th Century
  • ARH 370: Masterpieces of Western Art