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04. Publications

Publications in Books

Contributing writer on contemporary art for The Atlas of Site-Specific Art: North and South America. London: Phaidon Press, forthcoming 2013. Project manager: Rosie Pickles.

Contributor to "Art since the Mid-20th century" section of The Art Museum. London: Phaidon, 2011. Project manager: Dr. Diane Fortenberry.

Exhibition Catalogues

“Terpsícore en la pintura: imágenes de danza de José Manuel Ciria / Terpsichore in Painting: José Manuel Ciria’s Images of Dance,” translated by David Cruz Acevedo, in Ciria: Heads Grids, exhibition curated by Donald Kuspit. Madrid, Círculo de Bellas Artes, 2010, pp. 21-29 / 201-206.

Journal Articles

“Looking and Moving: Kinesthetic Empathy, Dance, and the Visual Arts,” Art Criticism 25, nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall 2010): 153-168.

“Paul McCarthy’s Painter as Self-Portrait and Self-Loathing,” Art Criticism 24/2 (Fall 2009): 84-103.

“The Personal and the Political: The Dynamics of East German Art in the Painting of Willi Sitte,” Art Criticism 19/2 (Fall 2004): 121-142.

“A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Paul McCarthy’s Santa’s Chocolate Shop,” Art Criticism 18/2 (Fall 2003): 84-103.

“From Formalism to Informe and Back Again: Rosalind Krauss’s use of Bataille,” Art Criticism 17/2 (Fall 2002): 70-88

Work Selected for Publication

“Ritually Thinking the Eye: An Aesthetics and Ethics of Vision after the Work of Mario Perniola”, forthcoming in a book on Mario Perniola, part of the Continental Philosophy series.  Peter Gratton and Hugh J. Silverman, eds.