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wealthy patrician, popular commander, and patriotic Roman citizen, Faustus was on a path to glory. Narrowly escaping a devastating ambush, he is attacked and bitten by a werewolf.

On his adventure to discover the cause the lycanthrophy, he loses his wealth, family connections and military rank. Yet through this transformation, he discovers far more than he expected.

When he finally gets the chance to face off against the creature that changed him, it will be the fight of his life.

Will Faustus be able to reverse the curse?

"Faustus Lupus" is the second book of the "Monster Tales" series and is AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

In 1692, Alpheus a bankrupt English lord loses his estate, and inadvertently becomes a monster who must feed on blood to survive. Fat, clumsy, and oblivious, nothing goes right for him and he is entombed until the year 1996.

Stuck in his awkward frame and immortal, Alpheus tries to make the best of an already bad situation. Finding that he is terrible at hunting for blood and victims, Alpheus realizes that his curse was not that bad when he discovers a way to make things easier. With his new method, he makes quick work of the local petty crooks, thugs, and gangsters in the crime ridden city of Stratimore.

Without his knowledge, opposing vampire fan clubs develop around the city, which against his will eventually elevate him to the status of a pop icon. When he finally gets the opportunity to end his curse, will he take it?

"The Fanpire" is the first book of the "Monster Tales" series and is AVAILABLE ON AMAZON


It is the mid 1800's, Japan is in the later part of the feudal era and America is in the decline of the gold rush period. Unbeknownst to Daimyo Nakabiashi, his entire feudal estate was traded away by a high ranking samurai retainer for the deed to a gold mine in America.

When the Shogun and his council hear of this news, they are not pleased. The Shogun decides that there is one only way for the disgraced Daimyo Nakabiashi to save his province, and that is for him to go to America and sell the mysterious mine. At this time in history, no one from Japan has ever been to America before. To add to the problem, Nakabiashi and his samurai only speak Japanese. Seeing the dilemma the scheming Shogun has the perfect antidote, his solution is to send a multilingual geisha to accompany Nakabiashi and his samurai retainers to America.

This story explores what might happen if a Japanese feudal lord and five of his best retainers went to America during the gold rush. It is a fast paced story of action and adventure that pits the untamed Wild West environment of the American gold rush against five well trained samurai, a daimyo and a refined geisha assassin. Will Daimyo Nakabiashi recover the wealth of his province? Will their delicate geisha interpreter be a liability or an asset? Read and find out if the group ever makes it home again.

 "The Six Samurai of the West" is volume one of a three part series  AVAILABLE on AMAZON.


Having worked his way up from a lower class son of a samurai to the level of daimyo, the Japanese civil war has ruined everything. Accused for crimes he did not commit, the disgraced Daimyo Kawahara has lost his province, family, wealth and status. Luckily he was able to escape Japan with his life. As an outlaw without a plan, he ends up in an upstart town on the west coast of America. Even though he is an accomplished and well trained samurai, starting over won’t be easy.

Jasper City is lawless, and he does not speak a word of English. Unbeknownst to him, contrasting agendas attempt to use his samurai skills to create the new city in their own image. Removed from everything that he knows, Kawahara is forced to test his own moral code. Should he use his skills for monetary gain? Or should he use restraint, and adhere to the idealistic moral code of a samurai that he has always known? To survive in Jasper City, he might not have a choice.

This story explores what might happen if a disgraced, but dedicated samurai came to lawless America during the  decline of the gold rush. This is an action story that occurs in a winner take all environment. Will Kawahara be able to withstand the chaos of Jasper City and maintain his integrity? Or will he succumb to the mindset of his environment? Read and find out how the last of the legendary samurai discovers his way in a new and changing world.   

"Kawahara Lives" is volume two of a three part series AVAILABLE on AMAZON.                                                                                                                                         

                                                                          THE GEISHA RETURNS

More fast paced, pulp fiction

The feudal era has ended, the new reforms and modernization have swept through Japan. The massive change has made the long established daimyo and the wealthy families compete with one another for position and influence in the fledgling government. The yakuza, a budding street clan of outsiders also seek to find a role in the new democratic ways

The ancient ways may have been stifled, but they have not been forgotten. Who will save the dying arts? Or use them to their advantage?

Of course, the most famous geisha in all of Japan was given the task of preserving the traditional methods and ceremonies. Aging, and fighting for relevance in a new era, she establishes her prominent okiya and other competing hanamachi within the new capital city.  Yet everything around her is changing far too quickly for her to maintain relevancy, and her heir has just died. The Geisha's name is no longer a mystery. Using a name instead of a title changes both her and society more than she could have imagined. Preserving the cultural traditions amongst the rapidly changing social landscape won’t be easy.

This fast paced story explores the changes in post feudal Japan. Who will gain control  of the developing government? The established order, the new breed, a criminal element? Unrevealed to the participants, subversive elements are at work to reverse the new reforms. Can that element even be stopped before it makes an impact?Read and find out if the most famous geisha in all of Japan will succeed in adapting the old ways to suit the new. This is the final tale of the trilogy.

The  "Geisha Returns"  is part three of a three part series AVAILABLE on AMAZON 


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