Creating children to die could end up killing them



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    1. Destinial (psychical) Math and the creation of Intention Relevance Consciousness has a power formula such that intention relevance in the evolution of survival aptitude, socialised, is the only chance. Death is such a large problem and takes so many forms that we will all need to pitch in to solve it.
    2. It is very insensitive of free website hosts to delete humanitarian endeavors without a thought for free speech rights of united states air force veterans.
    4. intention relevance quotient. posted on 08/13/2003 11:51 AM by searchthisname. It was very refreshing to find such a large group of progressive open minded people who were kind in a chat forum environment where attack energy usually overwhelms the more sensitive individuals. Origin > Mind·X Forum > intention relevance quotient.
    5. Create your motivation to live forever so the kids will have a huge motive to renovate all human intention; thus collapsing the illuminati, all government and religion, and placing ethics and intention relevance as Immortality before the species somewhat like global warming on a heart level, respect for life Energized throughout the world using Loving Will + clarity synergistics art
    6. The Evolution of Intention Relevance: The Destinial Priority: Physical Immortality. Dear Humanity, Shall we stop killing all children Yet? This is where all responses will be posted.
    7. 17nv virtuebios Robert Ray Hedges Immortality Intention is taking over the internet as Children's Immortalisation network Evolving the Virtuebios: This webhost deleted my groundbreaking Physical Immortality Imperative Website Intention Relevance Quotient interneted international Survival Education Opportunity.
    8. Intention Relevance Quotient, Destinial Priority, Childrens Immortalisation Network ...
    9. There are ways to take action in mortality resolution international searchthisname. intention relevance quotient involves our destinial viability index or physical -emotional lastingness health aptitude
    10. virtuebios-intention-relevance-quotient-dna-survival-aptitude.html http://jesus-is-taking-over-the-internet-to-create-your ...
    11. The evolution of Intention Relevance. From: Robert Ray Hedges/Sedona Az Dec 27th 2005 Comments. I further delineate intention relevance as survival aptitude infused into all cultures.