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                              Creating all children to die is something like terrorism, except for denial.

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Mortality resolution International Super Human = Destiny
posted on 09/28/2002 3:01 PM by=20

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You may respond to this if you feel to do so but I am = mainly=20 speaking to the search engines and ask for your trutst and = patience.=20 Thanks Rbt

This is not difficult to understand =
The=20 science of "Thou salt not kill (all children like we are = now)"=20
Please don't delete this file, as I have submitted it to = several=20 search engines and a deletion will break the link!
[[[[ = It's for=20 all of the children(all ages)!!!]]]
Robert Ray Hedges is = taking=20 over the internet Physical Immortality
how to take over = the=20 internet
when to take over the internet
i am taking = over the=20 internet
Just to prevent your death! Isn't this just a = wonderful=20 Destiny?!
Your negative responses to me (inclusive of=20 no-response) will be posted at =
Just to show the children of earth exactly how unloving = the=20 "breed to kill" types are and a few other types!
This is = REALLY=20 fun:
The Prophecy Fulfillment Becomes...
Mortality=20 Resolution International
The International Physical = Immortality=20 Project
"Shall we stop Killing all children yet?" =
And now a=20 word to seach engines: (forgive me)
Someone should tell = Bill=20 Gates
Destinial = Engineer=20
right use of will=20
coordinated universal intent
Childrens = Immortalisation=20 Network
Indigo Immortals
Indigo Children Clarified=20
Education: Immortalisation
psychic police
who is = taking=20 over the internet
ground zero of the paradigmal =
Destinial=20 Engineering deepheartmeant
farthetime=20 Para-Darwinial Aptitude
the eternis: tangible magic =
veritas=20 amorous eternis
mom said i could play
As Elvis said = "Thank=20 you very much!"
And Oh!, by the way, I NEED YOUR LIFE, = PLEASE!=20 = =

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