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NOTE:   July 22, 2017 will mark the 30th anniversary since I first reported for duty at Patent Academy at the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  After 30 years in the Patent Business (including 20 years running my own practice) and 40 years of work, I have decided to wind down my practice and retire.   It is possible I may still take an overflow case from another firm, if such work is available, but I will no longer be representing clients directly.  I will be winding down my practice over the next year or so.    UPDATE:  My insurance expires in March of 2018, so I will be closing my practice as of that date.  UPDATE:  I am officially retired as of December, 2017.

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Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University, 1987
Juris Doctor, George Washington University, 1992


Robert Platt Bell, Registered Patent Attorney 1994 - 2017

Preparation and prosecution of patent applications for semiconductor devices (Cirrus Logic, Inc., Sun Microsystems, Inc., Samsung Information Systems of America, National Semiconductor), video controllers, telecommunications systems (NTIA), aircraft controls, automotive controls and sensors; internet methods of doing business, computer software; preparation of infringement and validity opinions, trademark applications and appeals, copyright registrations and client counseling; licensing negotiations; expert witness on patent validity and infringement (NAMS International v. Spectra.Net Comm., et al); expert witness on ethics in patent practice (Harry I. Moatz v. Michael J. Colitz, Jr., Proceeding 99-04, December, 2002).

Associate - Lowe, Price, LeBlanc & Becker, 1993-1994

Preparation and prosecution of patent applications for semiconductor devices, video controllers, (Cirrus Logic, Inc.) telecommunications systems (Bell Atlantic), aircraft controls, automotive controls and sensors, semiconductor devices (Mitsubishi); preparation of validity and infringement opinions.

Law Clerk/Associate - Banner, Birch, McKie & Beckett, 1989-1993

Preparation and prosecution of patent applications for cable television communications systems, scrambling systems, satellite communications systems (Scientific Atlanta), cellular and cordless telephones, radio pagers, digital control systems, semiconductor memory devices (Toshiba) automotive microprocessor control systems household appliances, athletic equipment, and air conditioning components and controls (Sanden Compressor, Hunter Melnor). Extensive infringement and validity studies (Lemelson Patents). Monitor and assist in litigation before U.S.I.T.C. Litigation support for telecommunications patent suit including depositions and drafting deposition outlines, interrogatories, requests for documents, requests for admissions, and expert witness statements. Preparation of expert witnesses and preparation of interactive video trial exhibit, analysis of patent claim language, file wrapper history, developing expert witness testimony and exhibits, drafting pre-trial motions, second chair at depositions, and letters rogatory in Tokyo District Court.

U.S. Patent Examiner - Group 260, Measuring & Testing, 1987-1989

Examined applications for electronic flowmeters, tunnel effect transducers, ultrasonic inspection systems, microprocessor engine controls, accelerometers and micro-machined devices. Commissioner's Awards for outstanding performance and productivity. Letter of Commendation for participation in Patent & Trademark Office Automation Project (installing first Examiner computers at USPTO).

Engineer, Technician - Carrier Corp. div. United Technologies, 1981-1987

Advanced concepts HVAC lab - developed microprocessor control system (Intel 8050 based) for industrial chillers and multi-zone air handling system, paramagnetic heat engine, thermal energy storage system, instrumentation systems for testing industrial chillers and room air flow measurement. Developed and tested digital control board for water source heat pump, developed instrumentation testing systems and wrote software for same.

Co-Op Student (General Motors Institute) - New Departure Hyatt div. General Motors Corp. 1978-1980

Metallurgical testing of incoming steel and finished products (microstructure analysis, Rockwell hardness testing, destructive testing). Drafted layouts and tooling for GM B and C vehicle component machining and assembly. Programming of various desktop computer systems for design section.


  • Virginia State Bar, 1992
  • Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1992
  • Georgia Bar, 2008
  • Patent and Trademark Office, 1991


1.  Legal Advice

None of the information provided in this website should be construed as or used as legal advice.  The information provided here is for educational purposes only, in order to help inventors learn background information before consulting an attorney.  Advice on what course of action to take with regard to an invention, patent, trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property issue is fact and situation specific.  Consult with an attorney for specific advice regarding your particular situation. 
Note also that the information provided on these pages is deemed to be the most accurate we are aware of at the time the information was posted.  However, Patent Laws, Rules, and Procedures change over time, and older information may be outdated, inaccuarte, or flat-out wrong.  Our web pages have been on-line as long ago as 1994, and many cached and obsolete versions of those pages are still floating around the Internet.  Also, we do not update information on a regular basis or delete articles of historical interest.  Thus, again, we emphasize that the materials provided herein are for educational purposes only - you really need to talk to a lawyer before proceeding with a Patent or Trademark or Copyright Application or other issue.

 2.  Lawyer Advertising

Nothing in this web page should be construed as a guarantee of specific results for a client.  The relative success or failure of a patent depends largely on the value and worth of the underlying invention itself.  Competent prosecution can help insure that what rights are available to an inventor are properly secured.  However, I do not guarantee or suggest that my skills in Patent Prosecution can cause your underlying invention to succeed.  Moreover, the chances or obtaining a Patent or a Patent of specific coverage depend upon a number of factors, many of which are outside the control of the Attorney, including the posture of the Examiner, discovered Prior Art, and the reasonableness and dedication of the inventor to the project.  We can only promise to use our best efforts in attempting to obtain Patent Protection for you.

 3.  Invention Promotion

I am not an invention promoter, broker, or developer.   I do not recommend the services of any such individuals or companies.  My practice is limited to preparing and prosecuting Patent Applications before the Patent & Trademark Office and related Intellectual Property legal matters.  It has been my experience that the inventor is the best invention promoter of their invention.


 Please note and mark on your calendar the following deadlines for all matters.

  • In order to protect your Patent rights, a US Application should be filed within one year of the date of first use, sale, offer for sale, or publication.  Note that we are now a FIRST TO FILE country.
  • Foreign Applications should be filed withing one year of your earliest US filing date (6 months for Designs).  If you wish to foreign file, the  US application should be filed before any public use, sale, offer for sale, or publication.
  • For US cases claiming priority from foreign applications, these need to be filed within one year of the earliest foreign filing date (6 months for Designs)
  • Trademark section 8 & 15 Affidavits should be filed between the 5th & 6th years after issuance. Trademark renewals are due at 10 years.
  • Patent MAINTENANCE FEES are due at 3, 7, and 11 years from the date of issue.
  • Response to most Office Actions for US Patents is usually three months from the date of the action.  But see the cover sheet of the Office Action for actual response time.
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding these deadlines.  In most cases, filing earlier is much better than later.  We do not agree to send reminders for these matters.  If we do not hear from you with regard to a matter, we presume you do not wish to file or respond.

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