Excel Smart Tool

Excel Smart Tool

Excel Smart Tool with advanced VBA macros is a productivity tool that allows to:

· create emails from info recorded in your spreadsheet, each row can generate a specific email

· update the spreadsheet info from email replies

· pick email addresses from Outlook address book

· launch a scanner facility to get attachments

You can personalize the spreadsheet adding or deleting columns and defining titles as your need, only the info from highlighted columns will reported in the email messages. Some special columns must present for the program logic, eventually you can hide them.

See an example

Imagine you have to verify or update info about people:

below column "To" write an email address or pick it from Outlook address book pressing [CTRL] [k]

you can also activate a scan process pressing [CTRL] [s] to get an attachment otherwise write a file path below column "Attachment"

at the end you can generate an email pressing [CTRL] [m], note that only info from highlighted colums are reported in the message

add other info if needed and send your message. Repeat the task for each record you like.

When arrives one or more answer like this (see returned info in the message):

pressing [CTRL] [u] you can automatically update the spreadsheet (note that highlighted info are from the message)

Any kind of info (formulas, text, numbers, dates) can be described in your spreadsheet working as usual

If you have questions or you are interested for professional developments please contact me, the smart tools can be applied to Word, Access, Outlook or other software.

Getting Started

· download the Excel Smart Tool file (see below)

· open it (macros must be enabled)

· see istructions in the Config sheet

Any feedback will be appreciated: if I know how people use my software I can get new ideas