ICT Specialist

I support companies to create tools and methods concerning:
· business development (CRM, web marketing, apps)
· competitiveness improvement (processes optimization, costs saving)
· accurate ICT management

I'm involved in projects including software development, hardware infrastructures implementation and system integration.
Main activities are:
· process analysis performing with the client collaboration
· feasibility study performing to identify the appropriate solutions
· functional specifications writing
· costs defining
· collaboration with the development teams
· project progress checking
· relationship management with clients and other project participants
I’ve gained a significant experience in service companies, especially those in the insurance industry.

With a solid technical background I can accomplish a wide range of activities such as:
· architectures definition
· software installation and configuration
· software development
· web services creation
· system management and auditing
· suppliers management
· technical writing

The technical specialization concerns mainly Microsoft and VMware environments, I also develop software for Arduino projects taking part in Makers movement.