Research & Funding

Research Themes

My current research focuses on securing networked systems, with an emphasis on malware defense, reputation systems, web forensics, and telephony security. Below you can find a list of recent research themes and a link to related publications.

* Enabling advanced forensic analysis of web security incidents [ClickMiner, WebCapsule, ChomePic, JSgraph]

* Malware download investigation and defense [AMICO,WebWitness]

Telephony security [new research theme]

DDoS detection and mitigation at IXPs [new research theme]

* Reputation systems [Notos, ASwatch]

* Network-level detection of malware infections [BotMiner, HTTPrecon, Pleiades, ExecScent, Segugio]


NIS Lab: I currently direct the Network Intelligence and Security Lab at UGA
UGA Post Docs and PhD Students
  • Phani Vadrevu, Post-Doc
  • Jienan Liu, PhD
  • Roxana Attar, PhD
  • Karthika Subramani, PhD
Past PhD Students
  • Phani Vadrevu, PhD (now a Post-Doc at UGA)
  • Bo Li, PhD (first employment: Amazon)
  • Chris Neasbitt, PhD (first employment: Amazon)
  • Terry Nelms, PhD, GaTech (officially co-advised at GaTech with Prof. Mustaque Ahamad) [theis-pdf]
  • Babak Rahbarinia, PhD (first employment: tenure-track Assistant Prof. at Auburn University at Montgomery)