The Shop (formerly known as "garage")

25 May 2009.  Dad and Rob enjoy (?) a homebrew after installing A/C in the shop.  Brass monkey balls come to mind.  

20 Jan 2009.  Rob and Dad enjoy a homebrew after installing heat recovery ventilation.

09 Jan 2009.  Lots of light!  I've installed about 4 watts per square foot of fluorescent, using T5 HO with dimmable  ballasts. 

09 Jan 2009.  Inside surface of garage door and windows have been insulated with pink foam (Home Depot).  Attic over garage has R-38 equivalent insulation. 

10 Jan 2009.  Cabinet to warm the ratio pump, resin, and hardener.  Heating source is 100W incandescent light on a lamp dimmer (Home Depot lighting section), temperature is regulated with temperature controlled-relay (orange box, Home Depot HVAC section). 

I built standardized work tables following the EAA plans. I added leveling feet from Grainger (2G403, $7.98 ea + 1XEY1, $7.13 ea).  The tables can be moved easily with a six-inch 3-wheel dolly from Home Depot ($8 ea, 200 lb capacity) for each corner.

According to the US Dept. of Energy, I live in a "cold" climate zone.  For sure, I need to heat the garage to get it up to the 70-80F needed for epoxy work.  My garage (er, shop) is attached, so that helps.  I plugged the windows and lined the garage door with pink foam insulation.  A few 1500W electric space heaters gets the temperature up there on even the coldest days... eventually.

How hot can I get it in the shop?  Depends.  See the file shop_heat.pdf below for some math. 

Robert Nachtrieb,
Jul 18, 2009, 9:24 AM