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Updated 02 Sep 2010.  
Thank you for checking up on my progress.  CONSTRUCTION OF THE COZY IS ON HOLD while I go back to school.  Please check back in June 2012.  

I'm building a Cozy.  "What's that?"  I'm glad you asked!  
The Cozy Mk IV homebuilt airplane (photo above) is a derivative of Burt Rutan's Long-EZ, modified by Nat Puffer to seat four.  Using the same solid-core moldless fiberglass construction techniques pioneered by Rutan, the Cozy offers long-distance, high-speed cruise with comfort and economy.  Find out more details from Marc Zeitlin's site, or buy the plans and parts for one of your own from Aircraft Spruce

Carl Spackler eats a doodie: "It's no big deal."

 Chapter Status HoursLast Updated
 Chapter 9 IN PROCESS  31May 2010
 Chapter 8  DONE 45.5 30 Jan 2010
 Chapter 7 DONE 74.416 Dec 2009
 Chapter 6 DONE
 132.8 31 Oct 2009
 Chapter 5
 DONE 69.8 03 Jul 2009
 Chapter 4 DONE 104.0 06 Apr 2009

Progress calendar, idea borrowed from Mark Z.  
 2008  2009 2010 20112012 2013 2014 2015
 Jan  4 8, (*) 2wk      
 Feb  (*) 3wk9, (*) 1wk     
 Mar  4null, (*) 1wk
 Apr  4, 5null, (*) 2wk     
 May  5 9, (*) 2wk     
 Jun  nothing      
 Jul  6      
 Aug  6      
 Sep  (*) 3wk, 6

 Oct  6      
 Nov  7      
 Dec arrange shop4 7, 8      
* business travel

"So When Will You Be Done?"

Um, not soon.  But please keep asking!  According to Kitplanes, only about 12% of homebuilt aircraft plans sold are actually completed.  Please help me to be in that twelve percent!  If you notice a lapse in website updates, please cajole to get back into the shop. 

 Parameter Units Value
 Cozy Average Total Hours to Complete (ref) hours 1600
 Chapters chapters23
 Cozy Average Time Per Chapter hours/chapter 70
 Rob's Time Per Chapter (based on Ch4~Ch6) hours/chapter 101
 Estimated Time for Rob to Complete hours 2330
 Rob's Building Rate (based on Jan~Nov 2009) hours/year 382
 Estimated Time for Rob to Complete years 6.1
 Estimated Date for Rob to Complete year A.D. 2015

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Warehouse (formerly known as "basement")     Updated 25 Oct 2009 
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