Circa 1980, Robert More (American, 20th Century)

I found this impressionist style painting at an antique mall in Medina OH in Oct 2011. so far I have found very little information about the painter Robert More. I really like the painting , but have been unable to find much about his history.

Robert's signature looks as if it is applied with a marker on top of the paint, the winter scene picture below seems to have a similar signature.


Lee Fana Art Gallery
845 Som Center Rd
Mayfield Village, OH 44143

This is another Robert More painting that I was able to find.
The mat seems to be identical to the mat on mine. I'm assuming it was framed at the same location as the card glued to the paper backing on mine.
Unfortunately the Gallery does not seem to exist anymore.

The listing says "circa 1980", and mine looks like it's from the same era. 

I found the following five paintings listed under "Robert More" here:
I'm quite certain this is the same painter because the winter scene is so similar to the above painting.
"This very nice oil painting is done by Robert More .
The canvas measured from the back is 24x20.With the frame its 30 x28.It looks much more vivid then the picture shows." 
The fame and mat look idential to the snow scene with cabin above.



Found this one for sale here:
Not my favorite, but that might be partially based on a poor photo and it being removed from stretcher.