Summary of Goals/ Achievements

The goals I have developed are based around teaching technology and literacy with an awareness of open source programs to help provide software and computers to students that would otherwise not have them. My model of teaching is based on the principles I list below, often times using recycled computers in my classes.

It is my goal to teach these principles, refine them and promote their practice within soci-economically challenged schools and school districts.

In my program :

(Foundations in Education Goals)

1. I want to develop lesson plans and teaching methods using technology that give educators a way to use more multi-modality tools for public education. Visual tools, audio tools, writing and researching tools are all available on computers in a multitude of ways that are free. Using these tools is an excellent way to give students alternate modalities to learn and is also authentic apprenticeship in the growing technology of our world. Research shows that learning through visuals with audio or text elaboration increases retention a great deal. Research also shows that when students teach others or engage in real life challenges, they find motivation and, again, retain what they learn. I would like to partner with teachers of core subjects to have standards based instruction align with the teaching of technology, so we are working together supporting and reinforcing our lesson plans goals and testing accountability. I want to do this specifically to increase the amount of visual learning, multi-modality learning and apprenticeship type projects in being used in core instruction areas of public school education.

(Learning and Human Development Goals)

2. I want to give unmotivated urban students who feel excluded from valuing education because of culture, socio-economic position or english as a second language, access to core content areas by using technology products to teach. My goal is to develop ways to use technology products to develop specific teaching methods around constructivist learning theories. I want to embrace the best elements of current design research to develop teaching methods using technology that is most appropriate for urban students and most appropriate for raising engagement of these students.

I want to also proactively teach behavioral responsibility and citizenship on the internet, I want to teach specifically, safety, respect for users you interact with, and accountability to truth in research of what is written on the internet. My goal is to raise the awareness of students of how the anonymity and wide variety of mature material available on the internet impacts their development by putting them at risk in being presented with grown up things they can't control. My goal is to teach active components of self esteem, valuing oneself and the benefit of delaying risk behaviors.

(Understanding of Technology Goals)

3. I want to use research on new literacies to design focus areas and target skills within using technology as a teaching tool. I want to outline areas based on identified new skills of new literacies, and design instruction around them. This is to bring true effectiveness of technology usage into these core content areas. Students need to locate information, retrieve information, formulate questions, synthesize information and communicate information in order to be literate in this world today that bases more life around the computer each day.

(Research Goals)

4. I want to survey enough of the relevant literature on visual learning, multi-modality teaching, constructivist learning theories, social responsibility and the internet and new literacies, so that I can develop usable lesson plans and teaching methods involving technology specifically relevant for challenged urban districts. I want to write basic guides for teachers about how to use computers and "web 2.0" tools as a multi-modality teaching tool, how they can integrate them easily and why they should use them, based on what I learn from my research and coursework.
As online learning, in the form of virtual schools, continues to develop I want to keep current with best practices and methods for this form of schooling.