The first time I saw the phrase "obsolesence is just a lack of imagination", I paused. It was written on a sign at our county's computer recycler, who refurbishes computers for schools.

I now make computer labs for schools out of recycled computers from government, businesses and individuals. I teach kids how to search, retrieve, synthesize
and, communicate information on computers and the Internet with free open source software. My school would have no technology program if I had not done so.

 Using open source software and recycled hardware, we can make labs where many students can learn to be active, responsible citizens of the digital world. These students might not otherwise get a chance. As more education and economic activity gets centered around computers, it becomes imperative to think about digital equity and environmental efficiency. Each computer we divert from the landfill not only helps someone learn, but makes our world have that much less waste.

This is me, Robert Litt, using recycled technology to take this picture.
In my hand is a thrown away Sony Mavica camera that uses floppy disks to record the picture..
I took this picture of myself, then uploaded it to this site from a thrown away Dell T-400 run in Ubuntu Linux