I'm Robert L. Brimm, graduate of Southern Illinois University, the author of three poetry collections, "Chance of Rain," "Hollyhocks," and "Wood Smoke," and I've been twice nominated for Pushcart Prize honors. (Michelle Browning photo)

"Chance of Rain" is my lucky poem. It began as a longer piece, written at the kitchen table after a stifling summer walk.

I had imagined an older person, about my age, sitting on a porch, scanning the skies for signs of rain. I imagined the rain's coming, sweeping across the fields. I described the old man's reaction to the rain ... all of this in considerable detail.

I submitted this narrative to Capper's.

It was there that an alert editor, Ann Crahan, spotted eight lines in the middle that appealed to her.

She suggested that we keep those eight lines and my title. I agreed, and it became my first poem accepted for publication.

Then, somewhat later, "Chance of Rain" became the  title piece of my first collection, published by Finishing Line Press in 2003.

The poem:


The rain comes
in great galloping
gulps, faster than
the soil can sop it up.
It drums on the roof,
dances in the yard,
celebrates all the way
down the hill.
© 2003

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When I'm out walking, I carry a small watercolor kit. This provides an excuse for sitting for a few moments while I do a quick sketch, much like this one. I always hope this "note taking" will someday lead to something bigger and better. Meanwhile, I continue to walk and enjoy the view. 

Sometimes my paintings go a little abstract, as in the case of "Splash!" ... now in a private collection.