Product Design and Development

Sr. Electromechanical Designer
Background: factory worker, setup/operate machinist, manager, mechanical draftsman and designer responsible for assigned work load and charged with contributing to new designs, modifications, retrofits and integration solutions for a wide variety of consumer, industrial, heavy industrial, aerospace, military, automotive and energy products and systems.
  • Processing, automation and general arrangements for water desal, seawater, O&G, LNG, chemical, cosmetics and bulk foods include equipment skid design, piping, instruments, electrical and structural design. Projects include: Purina, Kimberly Clark, Neutrogena, Chevron, Mobil, Ichthys LNG Project and a variety of FPSO, oil rigs and onshore facilities.

  • Electronics packaging to PC board level including equipment controls, ergonomics, thermal, wiring harness design incorporating mindful design for end user and ease of operation, installation and maintenance.

  • Tool design for ass'y, welding and finish including automation, robotics, grippers
  • Sheet metal, composites, cast and machined parts, steel tube/extrusion weldments
  • Production; fabrication, assembly, finish, crate design/build, installs and maintenance
  • Off the shelf equipment, fasteners, stock; Grainger, McMaster and local distributors
  • Some experience with injection mold, thermal mold and progressive tool and die
  • PV & solar energy conversion; ground/roof panel systems and mirror/collector arrays

  • Engineering Design and Drafting Since 1976 . AutoCAD Since 1983 & 3D since.
  • Expert 3D modeling . So-So with surface modeling (need more projects & practice)
  • CGI, marketing, technical illustration, IPC manuals
  • Special projects a specialty

Multi-Part Assemblies . Click model for more info

Single Part Models . Click for more info

Pump Design . click for  PDF 

Tool Design . click for  IAM Model, Zipped 

Detailing, Exploded Views and IPC Technical Illustration


2D, 3D, ISO

110/220 . Low Voltage . LED . PV

Architectural and Landscape Design
Facilities interior design and space planning offices, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, airports and more equipment, MEP, lighting, ADA, security and also residential, finish & trim.
  • 5 years design-detailing experience with multidisciplinary engineering firms
  • Several projects as principal designer and PM with contractors and property owners
  • Landscape Design and Development ~ Wrought Iron a Specialty
  • MORE