Electromechanical Design Engineering . Prototype R&D . 3D Modeling, CADD and CGI
aerospace, mfg., processing, equipment, facilities, product/toolingfood service, hospitality
  • Manufacturing and production machinery, fabrication tooling, line-assembly equipment
  • Product and Tool Design; welding, ass'y and finish jigs & fixtures

  • Equipment packaging and automation incorporating mechanical parts & ass'ys, pneumatics, hydraulics and environment sensitive microelectronics.

  • Processing Equipment (O&G, water, bulk foods) Structural Steel & FRP Skid Design
  • SolidWorks and Inventor Piping - ASME, AISI IPS B16.5, B31.3, FRP, BPE SS & more

  • Medical Equipment, Robotics, Transportation, Electronics Packaging 
  • Hospitality, Theater & Stage, Theme Park Props, Rides, Attractions, Mechanimation

  • Facilities Design and Space Planning; Equipment, MEP/HVAC, Lighting, ADA
  • Design & detailing (complete) drawings packages for production
  • Hands-on experience in Production, Fab & Assembly
  • Custom Design from Concept To Delivery
  • AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, SolidWorks ((2015))
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel
  • 3ds and After Effects
  • Audio Editing
3D CADD & CGI for Manufacturing, Aerospace or Hollywood CGI and Sfx
Parametric Modeling, Polygon Modeling, Production DWG's
Single Parts and Assemblies, 
Environments, Systems, Facilities


    • General arrangement layouts and detailing. Design/create and modify steel and FRP skids, equipment arrays, pumps/couplings, risers, processing equipment, instruments, tanks, pressure vessels, platforms, supports. 

    • Create equipment production drawings / packages (details, BOM, etc) for production

    • Create content center table driven parts, pipe and fittings (Inventor and SolidWorks)

    • Work with engineering team, sales, vendors, production, purchasing and PM closely for keeping info and cross checking all equip p/n against P&ID PRIOR to any work done.

    Structural Steel Weldments and Plastic
    Aluminum, Copper/Brass/Bronze, Exotic Metals, Organic Materials, Rebar, ASME, Steel, FRP, CPVC, Stainless, BPE, Plexiglas, Delrin, PVC, Kydex and composites.

    Various stock and custom shape tube, rod, plate, extrusions, sheet and plate for:
    • Machinery and Equipment Skids
    • Heavy Industrial Applications
    • Theme Park & Attractions
    • Sheet Metal Packaging
    • Architectural Structural
    • Vehicle Frame/Body
    • Stage Sets & Prop
    • Assembly Rigs
    • Scale Models
    • Wrought Iron
    • Store Front
    • Platforms
    • Signage
    • 80/20
    • ANSI
    • FRP

    Equipment Design
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    Inventor & SolidWorks

    Aerospace and Automotive
    • Ground vehicles, commercial, utility, military 
    • Rotary and fixed wing (jet/prop) aircraft
    • Design electronics packaging for communications equipment, cabling and connectors.
    • Design high level tooling and welding fixtures.
    • Create artwork for IPC manuals; all systems.

    • Design/document vehicle mounted object radar and solar tracking systems. Frame.suspension, lift booms, hydraulics, engine PTO & PV power and electronics and equipment including PCB, harness/wiring design and ass'y fixture design.
    • Sheet metal, base/stock metal, BPE, AISI, (some) composites tube and extrusion, exotic cast and machined parts. 
    • Custom design and off the shelf equipment; Grainger, McMaster/fasteners, etc.
    • Production fabrication, assembly, finish, crate design/build, installs and maintenance.
    • Experience (some) with injection and thermal mold and progressive tool and die.
    • Machine shop setup/run conventional equipment. Occasionally produce a quality part.
    • Design general arrangements structural, skids, equipment, instruments and piping 
    • Seawater reverse osmosis and chlorinization (AISI/ASME)
    • O&G, LNG and chemical (B31)
    • Cosmetics, foods (BPE)
    • Materials (pellet plastics)
    • Projects include FPSO, oil rigs and onshore facilities
    • Chevron, Mobil, Ichthys LNG Project, Kimberly Clark, Neutrogena and Purina
    • SolidWorks and Inventor Equipment and Piping
    Tool Design
    • Tooling jigs and fixtures for manual, tool assist and CNC wafer fabrication, aircraft sections assembly, welding, finishing. Robotics applications engineering includes welding and pick/place cells; calculate base, grippers and movement.
    Electronics Packaging
    • Design electronics enclosures and equipment for medical, food service, military hazardous environment sensitive electronics (and more) incorporating PCB, instruments, controls, thermal management and off the shelf related hardware. 
    • Wiring harness design, 12v, 277v.
    • Use prefab E- boxes and create sheet metal boxes from scratch. 
    • Mindful for end users and ease of operation and maintenance.
    • Ground, pole and roof panel systems
    • Concentrating mirror and collector systems