ElectromechanicalDesign and R&D for a wide variety of capital equipment, systems and production solutions for applications in manufacturing & industrial, automotive, energy, military, aerospace, medical and more.

  • AS in Computer Science and Mechanical Design and Drafting Technology
  • Hands on factory production, machining, fabrication/assembly/shipping
  • Create CGI for marketing, sales, IPC, manuals, packaging & more using:
    • AutoCAD 1983
    • Mech. Desktop 1996
    • Inventor 2000
    • SWX 2003
    • Revit 2010
    • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel and HTML5 and more. PC/Win7

Processing Equipment, Instruments and Piping: O&G, Water, Cosmetics & Food
General arrangements incorporating ASME/AISI B16.5, B31.3 FRP and SS BPE equipment, pressure vessels, instruments and piping with SolidWorks and Inventor including table driven pipe and fittings. Design skids and structural steel for production. AutoCAD a staple.

Multi-Part Assemblies . Click model for more info
Single-Part Models . Click model for more info

Equipment Design
Pump  PDF   ~  click models for 3D

Tool Design
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Table Driven Parts & Assemblies

2D, 3D, ISO

Structural Steel, Tube and Extrusion Design & Detailing includes:
Theme Park Attractions, Stage Sets, Props, Signage, Heavy Industrial, Ground Vehicles, Machinery and Electronics Packaging, Architectural and Wrought Iron.
I do some tig welding- it even looks good occasionally.

Tool Design
  • Tooling for wafer fabrication and handling to aircraft (sections) assembly
  • Assembly, welding and finishing jigs and fixtures for manual, tool assist and CNC
  • Robotics cell design; base, grippers movement/features for welding and pick/place
Electronics Packaging
  • Design electronics enclosures and equipment for medical, food service, military hazardous environment sensitive electronics (and more) incorporating PCB, instruments, controls, thermal management and off the shelf related hardware. 
  • Design wiring harness (12v, 220v). 
  • Use prefab E- boxes and create sheet metal boxes from scratch. 
  • Mindful for end users and ease of operation and maintenance.
Aerospace and Automotive
  • Communications
  • Electromerchanical packaging, mounting, cabling, connectors.
  • PCB layout and production for amplifiers. 
  • E/M design for aircraft and ground antennas and RF.
  • Aircraft
  • Design production/assembly tooling, welding fixtures, Parts modifications requiring FAA and Air Force approval and create systems artwork for IPC manuals.
  • Ground vehicle
  • Design modifications to accommodate, suspension, boom, hydraulics and engine PTO on weapons delivery (mounting and tracking systems) and municipal utility trucks.
  • Know sheet metal, composites, cast and machined parts, metal/plastic tube and extrusion
  • Use off the shelf equipment, fasteners, stock; Grainger, McMaster and local distributors
  • Production fabrication, assembly, finish, crate design/build, installs and maintenance
  • Some experience with injection mold, thermal mold and progressive tool and die
  • Can run most machine shop equipment and CNC and produce quality part
  • Design general arrangements structural, skids, equipment, instruments and piping 
  • Seawater reverse osmosis and chlorinization (AISI/ASME)
  • O&G, LNG and chemical (B31)
  • Cosmetics, foods (BPE)
  • Materials (pellet plastics)
  • Projects include FPSO, oil rigs and onshore facilities
  • Chevron, Mobil, Ichthys LNG Project, Kimberly Clark, Neutrogena and Purina
  • SolidWorks and Inventor Equipment and Piping
  • Ground, pole and roof panel systems
  • Concentrating mirror and collector systems