Robert Kuchta


Product Design and Development

Experience and electromechanical specialty in all phases of product design and development including product and electronics packaging, tool design, fab & assembly, installation and commissioning. Support sales and promotional needs with graphic design on all medium, developed with industry standard CAE/CADD applications. Background includes production and R&D machining.

  • R&D, reverse engineering, DFM
  • Jig, fixture and tool design,  floor and site plans, BIM, CNC, 3D printing and more.
  • CAD/IT and BIM management w/ IP VPN, NAS, cloud storage
  • Admin CAD/IT machines, peripherals and software
  • Background in machining, fabrication and assembly.
  • Electromechanical product and systems from concept to commissioning
    • Legacy product upgrades, retooling, retrofits and reverse engineering
    • Engineering, DFM, detailing, drafting, Rendering, A\V and presentations, IPC technical illustration, production artwork, sales and dimensional design
    • 3D CAE/CAD/CGI parts and assembly modeling, and BIM

model scratch builds


  • Systems for LCNG, CNG, diesel and gasoline
  • Water treatment, desalination and chlorination production systems
  • Cosmetics processing
  • Bulk foods processing
  • Equipment and skid packages for wellheads, offshore rigs, FPSO and onshore processing
  • Facility pollution control and recovery systems for odor, particles and vapor; gas burners, framing, windbox and thermodynamics, upgrades and new construction
  • B31.3 eqip & process piping using Inpex, NOV, Smith Fibercast & more.
  • BPE eqip & piping using SPX
  • FRP, ASME/AISI steel skid design & detail
  • Typical unistrut, 80/20 and custom steel/frp pipe and equipment supports, trenches, risers
  • Savvy with clean rooms and biological research facilities equipment and HVAC


Since 1982

Superseded by Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit, Corel & and anything parametric, however, still remains my go-to for 2D to 3D conversion cleanups, single line schematics, PFD & P&ID's ('cause I don't know AutoCAD P&ID), intricate line art and work patterns.


Design Engineering Since 1976

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