Mechanical ArchitecturaGraphics

Product Design and Development . Design Engineering . CAE/CADD
Electromechanical Specialty ~ and ~ Facilities and Architectural
Manufacturing . Processing / Piping . Industrial Design
From Concept to Prototype to Deployment
SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Revit, Inventor
P-Shop, Illustrator, 3DS, VRay, Showcase (Keyshot- same thing), Corel & MORE

Machining, Fabrication and Assembly

Processing & Piping



    Prefer CADD and A
    udio\Video Production (Technical / Mechanical) for Stage & Theme's
    • General arrangements, layouts and detailing. Design steel skids, create complete systems, equipment and piping from scratch and with importing external files. Utilize ACAD (all), SolidWorks and Inventor.

    • Projects include FPSO, oil rigs, floating and onshore facilities for Chevron, Mobil, Ichthys LNG Project, Kimberly Clark, Neutrogena and Purina.

    • Design/create and modify steel and FRP skids, equipment arrays, pumps/couplings, risers, processing equipment, instruments, tanks, pressure vessels, platforms, supports.

    • Create equipment production drawings / packages (details, BOM, etc) for production.
    • Create content center table driven parts, pipe and fittings (Inventor and SolidWorks).
    • Work with engineering team, sales, vendors, production, purchasing and PM's.
    • Savvy to cross check all equip p/n against P&ID PRIOR to any work done.



      Equipment Design

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      Tool Design     click > Tool.iam (ZIP) for ^

      Inventor & SolidWorks


      Factory Worker to Machine Operator to Design Engineer
      MIL, DOD, FAA, AISI, ASME, BPE, B31.3 and MORE
      Product and tool design for prototype, R&D and production
      Aerospace and Transportation
      Food Service
      Oil and Gas
      Hospitality and Entertainment
      Production and fabrication experience, hands on machining and fabrication, setup and operate Bridgeport's, lathes, work centers and line assembly equipment including routine machine maintenance. Also use grinders, punch, brake, arbors and other production machine shop equipment.
      Tool design includes jigs, fixtures for ass'y, welding, bonding, finishing.
      Processing Equipment (O&G, water, bulk foods) Structural Steel & FRP Skid Design
      SolidWorks and Inventor Piping, ASME, AISI, IPS, B16.5, B31.3, FRP, BPE, SS
      Medical equipment, robotics and electronics packaging incorporating pneumatics, hydraulics and environmentally sensitive microelectronics.
      Manufacturing and processing equipment and facilities layout design including automation and robotics cells, equipment and PLC and robot test and implementation
      Facilities design and space planning focusing on equipment, MEP/HVAC, lighting, workstations and savvy with AIA, UBC, CBC, ADA.
      Project management from concept to delivery including design, detailing and drafting (complete) drawing packages and CD's.
      Hospitality and entertainment, theater & stage, theme park props, rides and attractions
      Aerospace, Transportation

      Ground vehicles, commercial, utility, military 
      Rotary and fixed wing (jet/prop) aircraft
      Design electronics packaging for communications equipment, cabling and connectors.
      Design high level tooling and welding fixtures.
      Create artwork for IPC manuals; all systems.
      Design/document vehicle mounted object radar and solar tracking systems. Frame.suspension, lift booms, hydraulics, engine PTO & PV power and electronics and equipment including PCB, harness/wiring design and ass'y fixture design.
      Manufacturing and Processing
      Sheet metal, base/stock metal, BPE, AISI, (some) composites tube and extrusion, exotic cast and machined parts. 
      Custom design and off the shelf equipment; Grainger, McMaster/fasteners, etc.
      Production fabrication, assembly, finish, crate design/build, installs and maintenance.
      Experience (some) with injection and thermal mold and progressive tool and die.
      Machine shop setup/run conventional equipment.
      Design general arrangements structural, skids, equipment, instruments and piping 
      Seawater reverse osmosis and chlorinization (AISI/ASME)
      O&G, LNG and chemical (B31)
      Cosmetics, foods (BPE)
      Materials (pellet plastics)
      Tool Design
      Tooling jigs and fixtures for manual, tool assist and CNC wafer fabrication, aircraft sections assembly, welding, finishing. Robotics applications engineering includes welding and pick/place cells; calculate base, grippers and movement.
      Electronics Packaging
      Design electronics enclosures and equipment for medical, food service, military hazardous environment sensitive electronics (and more) incorporating PCB, instruments, controls, thermal management and off the shelf related hardware. 
      Wiring harness design, 12v, 277v.
      Use prefab E- boxes and create sheet metal boxes from scratch. 
      Mindful for end users and ease of operation and maintenance.
      Ground, pole and roof panel systems
      Concentrating mirror and collector systems

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