Product Design & Development

Design . Fab . Ass'y

Steel Skids, Equipment & Piping


CADD, Parts & Parametric Assemblies


Engineering, Modeling, Drafting, Rendering for All Project Stages
    • Manufacturing
    • Startups
    • Aerospace
    • DOD
    • Processing; O&G, water, foods, cosmetics
    • Entertainment
    • R&D
  • AutoCAD, Mech Desktop (RIP), Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit, Mastercam and MORE
  • Collaboration include Bluebeam, Webex, Skype, Steelhead, Dropbox, Vault
  • Mid/Sr level (adept) in most all of the CAD MEP sub-applications, still learning Revit
  • Hand drafting, technical illustration, inking

  • Backgrounds & objects, haven't learned Unity or other related wares yet ~

  • CAE includes FEA thermal, stress and fluid analysis
  • CAD Since 1983, use 2016/2017 releases. Sr Level in most, Jr in some
  • CGI w/ X64 PC's & Adobe, Corel, 3ds\VRay

Projects include WS Rockwell, Motorola, Boeing, Hughes, Pepcon Ind, City of LA\LAWA
Clearances (inactive) 2008, 2014: classified, secret, sensitive: ITAR, FAA
  • Jr Design Engineer, Sr Mechanical Designer
  • Detailing & Drafting Production DWG's
  • Rendering, Graphic Design & Creative
  • Materials processing (stamp, machine, treatment, finish), tool design jigs & fixtures, automation, pnumatics, hydraulics, conveyors (belt, structural, motors)
  • Machine design, single operatioin and automated
  • combustion engine
  • low voltage, AC
  • solar & photo-voltaic applications

  • Use ANSI, AISI, IPS, ASME base metals, some exotics (inconel, titanium), woods, composites (pvc, delrin, plexiglas), medical grade tubing- whatever the project needs

  • Robotics & work cell packaging, design/layout, movement, design armatures, grippers, IT electrical directed by electrical engineer. Know concepts and interface of PLC programming
    • Medical, surgical equipment (DC cauterizing, cutting)
    • Packaging w/ stock and custom enclosure design 
    • Startups R&D, fab, test and commissioning 
    • Photonics & PCB
    • Wiring & Harness
    • Sheet Metal
    • Mold & Die (stamped/progressive and injection)
Processing Facilities and Equipment
  • O&G, water, bulk, dry foods, cosmetics. Equipment used includes gas scrubbers, chillers, pumps, pipe/fittings, valves & supports and steel skids design & detail

  • Use BPE, AISI, ASME piping & steel; CADD w/ Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit, ACAD
  • Aerospace
    • Satellites; communications amp and pcb layouts, ground antennas and towers
    • Fixed wing & rotary, nose to tail IPC tech illustration & part/assy design & drafting

  • Ground Vehicles
    • Modifications on utility boom trucks; Ford F-750, Cummins turbo diesel engines
    • HMMWV ordinance delivery mounting design/drafting
    • CAD support; redilines basically, for Los Angeles metro train & subway

  • Fueling facilities, equipment & piping including architectural and civil

3D created from scratch
A typical multi-part assembly models w/ Inventor & SolidWorks. *Single-Part 'assembly's' that appear to be multi-part models are sketch controlled & editable and not made singular by converting or shrink-wrapping. This method yields exportable models with textures as intended, 90% of the time. I use (Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit) content library for pipe & fittings and create custom families & BIM models. Spec sheets please; correct data is key.

Regarding single part assy's, as I'm still in R&D & bench marking, I'm not yet sure if this method is CAD-time efficient but it maintains mat'l appearances well for RFA, ADSK, STP conversions and the file size is similar to a typical, multi part assembly. Moreover, the models' parametrics are not there and all charismatics are controlled by the sketch. Handing the file off to another for editing would be cruel as the procedure is basically extrude & cut somewhat methodically, but precisely, until the desired results are achieved.

 3D STP