Parts & Assemblies from Scratch
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Tool Design

Electromechanical / Mechatronics Specialty
Machinist, Conventional & CNC

  • AutoCAD Mechanical, MEP, Architectural, P&ID - LISP and Customization
  • Mech Desktop (RIP), Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit, Mastercam and MORE
  • 3ds\VRay - interested in gaming and utilizing Unity- but who's got time?
  • Collaboration includes BIM360, Webex, Skype, Dropbox, Vault, Newforma
  • Drafting, technical illustration, inking, PCB layouts; by hand (1976-1983)

  • Modeling Backgrounds & Objects for VR 

  • CAE includes FEA thermal, stress and fluid analysis
  • CAD Since 1983, use 2016/2017 releases. Sr Level in most, Jr in some
  • CGI w/ X64 PC's & Adobe, Corel, 
  • Parametric Modeling, Drafting/Detailing for Production or Construction
  • CLEAN 3D Printing Models, Parametric Model, Revit Model (ADSK-RFA)
  • Rendering, Tech Illustration & Manuals for all Project Stages
  • Multimedia & Graphic Design including Manuals, Tech Writing, Publishing
Projects include:
WS Rockwell, Motorola, Boeing, Hughes, Pepcon Ind, City of LA, LAWA

  • Jr Design Engineer, Sr Mechanical Designer
  • Detailing & Drafting Production DWG's
  • Rendering, Graphic Design & Creative
  • Materials processing (stamp, machine, treatment, finish), tool design jigs & fixtures, automation, pneumatics, hydraulics, conveyors (belt, structural, motors)
  • Machine design, single operation and automated
  • combustion engine
  • low voltage, AC
  • solar & photo-voltaic applications

  • Use ANSI, AISI, IPS, ASME base metals, some exotics (inconel, titanium), woods, composites (pvc, delrin, plexiglas), medical grade tubing- whatever the project needs

  • Robotics & work cell packaging, design/layout, movement, design armatures, grippers, IT electrical directed by electrical engineer. Know concepts and interface of PLC programming
    • Medical, surgical equipment (DC cauterizing, cutting)
    • Packaging w/ stock and custom enclosure design 
    • Startups R&D, fab, test and commissioning 
    • Photonics & PCB
    • Wiring & Harness
    • Sheet Metal
    • Mold & Die (stamped/progressive and injection)
Processing Facilities and Equipment
  • O&G, water, bulk, dry foods, cosmetics. Equipment used includes gas scrubbers, chillers, pumps, pipe/fittings, valves & supports and steel skids design & detail

  • Use BPE, AISI, ASME piping & steel; CADD w/ Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit, ACAD
  • Aerospace
    • Satellites; communications amp and pcb layouts, ground antennas and towers
    • Fixed wing & rotary, nose to tail IPC tech illustration & part/assy design & drafting

  • Ground Vehicles
    • Modifications on utility boom trucks; Ford F-750, Cummins turbo diesel engines
    • HMMWV ordinance delivery mounting design/drafting
    • CAD support, redlines mostly, for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (the train)

  • Fueling facilities design & layout equipment & piping, AEC and civil