Robert Kuchta

 MFG  AEC  CGI . CV/Resume 

  • MFG; Product Design and Development, Electromechanical Specialty
Background in mfg & tool design, automation (mfg) and high speed rotating equipment systems, aerospace aircraft and satellite systems, automotive; military and utility truck mods, van/rv conversions, energy; O&G processing, storage & distribution, solar collection, conversion and storage, medical equipment packaging, and all parametric, 3D modeling includes production graphic design, page layouts for print, digital, vinyl. Create vector artwork, photography & editing and A\V. 
  • AEC; Facilities Design
Background in architectural and facilities design, detailing CAD/BIM plan check process from SD to CD and rendering including restaurant design, landscape design.Processing facilities and systems equipment and instrumentation general arrangements, layouts, piping & conduit for processing facilities NG, water, foods & cosmetics systems. Create BIM & DFM ASTM vessels, BPE & B31 pipingAISI steel, alum, carbon fiber skids, structural framing, weldments and equipment supports. Low voltage savvy and electrical layouts (with EE guidance), wrought iron and security, and much more.
  • CGI; CAD/BIM & Creative
CAD, EPDM, GD&T, and ANSI 14.5 drafting standards. Use ACAD (mostly vanilla), Inventor, Revit, Solidworks, Adobe CS, CorelDraw, MS Office, Bluebeam, Acrobat, Submittal Exchange, Newforma, Webex, Skype, BIM360,  +more.

MFG Product Design and Development
  • Background and experience includes production machinist; use Bridgeports, lathes, arbors, press/die and progressive tool & die, injection and bonded materials. some welding, brazing, soldering.

  • Product and tool design, DFM parts and equipment, spec materials & processing; source mat's/parts/equipment & collaborate with vendors, OEM's, sales, president and engineers. Projects include aerospace, DoD, AEC, CNG, NG, Diesel, ULR processing, equipment automation, transportation, energy, entertainment, consumer products, medical and industrial.

  • Conventional and CNC production environments to improve and establish best practice for fab and ass'y procedures. Hands on design & production from concept to customer and end user approvals.
  • Sensitive electronics packaging; NEMA, custom sheet metal, composite enclosures and weldments.
  • Foundry worker, draftsman, artist, wax/clay sculptor for cast, lost wax, investment casting process producing silver jewelry, machined parts, architectural wrought iron (high end).

AEC AIA Facilities Design and Development and 
ASLA Landscape Design and Development
  • Facilities design on major capital projects, processing, restaurants to SFR, commercial and also O&G processing facilities, equipment, skids, ASME B31.3 & BPE steel & piping, vehicle fuel processing, storage and dispensing, foods and cosmetics processing, water treatment, mfg automation and robotic systems. High end landscape design includes interior/exterior, wrought iron, poolscapes, water features, outdoor kitchen, greenscape, irrigation & drainage.
  • Recent projects in BIM, facilities design and general arrangements vehicle maintenance and fueling facilities infrastructure, with focus on equipment,  process piping, and steel implementing a wide variety of standards and specifications including AWS, ANSI, ASME B31, AISI, IPS, MIL, UBC, UEC and ADA. example: Facilities . BIM . SD-CD 

  • Design and development, master plans, SD's, CD's & presentations. Background in commercial carpentry, construction & landscape installation, academic renovations, restaurants, bars.
  • Drafting, detailing and produce SD-CD sets for new construction and upgrades
  • CAD and BIM utilizing Autodesk Inventor, Revit, AutoCAD and Solidworks and more, CURRENT releases on Win OS.
  • Compose RPC models from laser scanning photogrammetry

CGI Design, Presentation & Creative
  • Dimensional design hand drawings, 2D CAD, photos & scans to functional 3D printed assemblies, GCode and digital model output. Machining, fab & ass'y, stage and SFX background includes, by hand, traditional drafting, graphic design, page layouts, inking & tech illustration and signage. Current digital desktop publishing, DFM & BIM background providing design and engineering support, drawing packages, rendering and presentation, IPC for parts, assembly, site, systems and end user instructional, maintenance and ass'y.

  • Photorealistic renderings, asset models textures and environments for needs and where critical subject matter focus are to be met.
  • Vector artwork and production CAD for props and show sets, aircraft IPC, PC board layout, signs, stationary, page layouts.
  • Rendering Autodesk and Adobe, VRay and other rendering packages
  • Create decals & textures
  • Create IPC, equipment spec sheets, shop travelers, end user manuals
  • Assets include photography, editing, A\V production

  • Inventor, Solidworks, 3DS, VRay, Showcase, A\V & post w/ Adobe CS, AutoCAD for anything, Corel, FlexiSign, Battlefield, MS office & more on WIN10.
  • Remote collaboration with A360, BIM360, Newforma, Submittal Exchange, Webex, Skype, Bluebeam & more.

  • Photography & editing

  • 3/4D scanning, photogrammetry and ReCap / Revit production.
  • Open to learn CADworx, Plant 3D, Unity, Rhino, Maya, Blender.
  • Collaborate with contractors, PM's, multidisciplinary teams, property owners, architects & engineers and BIM, CAD and IT admins for over 30 years.

  • Edumacation as a design engineer from sr mechanical designer as a contractor with various projects, draftsman since board drafting, CAD/BIM/IT manager (small office, peripherals, NAS & 5 nodes), production set up & run machinist, factory worker; automotive brake parts production, comm'l & residential construction, cook, delivery driver (CT/NYC), sales, comm'l oyster harvesting, gas station attendant. Project manager for special projects, systems/product and tool design, R&D, fab & assembly, crating and logistics, installations, commissioning and maintenance. 
  • Architectural drafting and design, plan check process for SFR, functioning facilities, restaurants and equipment from ground up design and renovations through 100% approval & commissioning.
  • CG design includes rendering, presentation and creative. 
  • Education; well, I did pay $15K, in 1979, for a computer operations and programming class at Computer Processing Institute, Bridgeport, CT, and was hired by Charter Arms in Stratford CT as their engineering clerk. After a short time, was hired on as their draftsman and I never used 15K worth of programming again. I believe I should've spent the money on a nice road trip. After a month, I paid $120.00 for an ASME drafting class to become a real draftsman and since then I fluctuate between electromechanical and architectural projects as a sr and lead designer on a wide range of projects.

Design Engineering Since 1976