Research Interests


Academic expertise:

Critical (Discursive) Psychology and Radical Qualitative Research.

Research topics:

Oppression (Islamophobia) and Violence (Terrorism) → Liberation and Nonviolence.

Decolonial Psychoanalysis → Contrapuntal Psychoanalysis.

Research areas:

World History:

The Global South, (indegenous) peoples’ history, Ancient → Contemporary Egypt, West Asia and North Africa (WANA), colonialism, Arab socialism, Islamic humanism, ruptures (revolutions/rebellions/uprisings).

Critical Theory:

(Lacanian) psychoanalysis, postcolonialism / decoloniality, (Black) feminism, libertarian socialism, post-structuralism.

World Philosophy:

Ancient philosophy (Egyptian, Indian → Buddhist), Medieval (Islamic), Modern (Anarchism, Marxism, German Idealism), Contemporary (Arabic, Islamic, Continental → speculative realism, critical phenomenology, radical humanism, social constructionism).


Teaching (psychology, humanities, criminal justice, film and digital media arts), research (discourse analysis, ideology critique), producing (film, theatre, music, writing), organizing (festivals, screening, events).