Research Interests


I am currently working on my dissertation, which is titled Islamophobia in the United States: A Critical Qualitative Inquiry into the Subjectification of Muslim Americans in the context of the 'War on Terror'.

I am a transdisciplinarian, being both a fine artist and an academic. In general, I am interested in critical theory, particularly critical psychology, critical media studies, critical discourse studies, critical terrorism studies, and critical peace studies. 

I am specifically drawn, however, to (political) subjectivity and (nonviolent) resistance vis-à-vis ideology, discourse, and affect as explicated through the theoretical lenses of (Lacanian) psychoanalysis, feminism, and the following 'posts': post-structuralism, post-colonial studies, and post-Marxism.

Methodologically, I have an affinity for psycho-discursive approaches, but I am open to other qualitative research methods as well (e.g., grounded theory, phenomenology, auto-ethnography, and participatory action research). 

To conclude, I really like the idea of transformative social change, wherein the researcher is a scholar-activist-practitioner. To this end, I intend through my research to recode oppressive discourses, which usually take the form of grand narratives, in the hope of opening up spaces for more liberatory practices.