Research Interests


I recently defended my dissertation, which is titled The Ideology of (Counter)Terrorism-Islamophobia/Islamophilia and the Ethico-Political Subjectivity of US Muslims: From Decolonial Psychoanalysis to Liberation Praxis.

In general, I take a critical theoretical approach to psychology and area studies (e.g., Islamophobia, terrorism, media, discourse, and peace). I am specifically drawn to ethico-political subjectivity and nonviolent resistance vis-à-vis hegemonic ideology. The following theoretical lenses inform my work: Lacanian psychoanalysis, postcolonial studies / decoloniality, feminism, Foucault, and Marxism. Methodologically, I have an affinity for psycho-discursive approaches (e.g., discourse analysis), but I am open to other qualitative research methods as well (e.g., phenomenology). To conclude, I believe in the idea of transformative social change, wherein the researcher is a scholar-activist-practitioner, which is why I desire, through my radical qualitative research, to actively recode oppressive discourses that usually take the shape of grand narratives.