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Alchemy in Hyde Park - Official Trailer ‎‎‎‎‎‎(2014)‎‎‎‎‎‎

A short documentary about me by University of Chicago students

Cryptic Reflections

A Dream Within A Dream

Monkey On Back


DA! Concert Film

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Music is the Best!

Spidey and the Thunderstorm live at the HPNC

Infinite Love ‎‎‎(live at the ACM in Chicago)‎‎‎

The Pixelated Philodendrons ‎‎‎(live in Chicago, 2012)‎‎‎

The Beathovens live in Alex at the Garage Theatre from Robert Beshara on Vimeo.


Testicles, Mr. Black Testicles: A Slumber of SEVEN Hours Inside Bobby Brown as dreamt by Bobby Brown

ON AIR from Robert Beshara on Vimeo.

The Ghost Sonata from Robert Beshara on Vimeo.

Jack, or the Submission from Robert Beshara on Vimeo.

Family Stories from Robert Beshara on Vimeo.

A Trip: Gibberish Philosophical Quest from Robert Beshara on Vimeo.


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Below is a reading by Ahmed Omar of some of my poems
(Howard Theatre, The American University in Cairo, 2005).

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