Born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1953, Robert James (Jim) Challenger has lived his life on Canada's rugged west coast. Both Jim's parents are proud 4th generation Canadians who raised their children to appreciate nature and the lessons that can be learned from it.

Growing up, Jim spent his summers on Thetis Island, in BC's gulf islands, where he began to study and appreciate the unique wildlife, fish and birds of the west coast of Canada. Moving to Victoria, BC in 1971, Jim and his wife Joannie built their home among the forest's trees, near the ocean, to enjoy and learn from all that nature had to offer. They have two daughters, Kristine and Kari.

Over 30 years ago Jim began what was to become a reflection of his deep appreciation of nature. Inspired by the First Nation's style, but respecting their ownership of historic First Nation's legends and images, he struck out to write and design his own original stories and images.

Jim also took his designs and developed a special process to carve them into rounded stones found on the windswept beaches of the Pacific coast. He also carved designs into glassware.  Patrons have enjoyed not only Jim's beautiful designs but also the original stories that inspired them. Jim's carvings are now owned by collectors around the world.

Years of work have resulted in a unique viewpoint of the animals, fish and birds as they weave tales about the lessons we can all learn from nature and the world around us.

Jim has written and illustrated six books of short stories.

  • Eagle's Reflection and Other Northwest Coast Stories was published in 1995
  • Orca's Family and More Northwest Coast Stories - 1998 
  • Raven's Call and More Northwest Coast Stories - 1999 
  • Salmon's Journey and More Northwest Coast Stories - 2001
  • Nature’s Circle and Other Northwest Coast Children’s Stories - 2004
  • Grizzly's Home and Other Northwest Coast Children’s Stories - 2005