Rob Graham

My research interests include invertebrate pathology and host-microbe evolution; particularly in understanding how microorganisms regulate and manipulate host species to maintain stability and sustainability within ecosystems; to understand the role that disease and endosymbionts play in driving host populations dynamics, and how we may utilise this knowledge to develop successful integrated pest management strategies for globally-important crop pests.

For more information on latest research and the lab group, check out Ken Wilson's iPEG website

Employment History

2011 - present   EU Marie Curie Fellow Sydney/Lancaster University
                        Research: Natural enemies, nutrition-pathogen interactions
2008 - 2011       Senior Research Associate Lancaster University
                        Research: Molecular ecology of insect-microbe interactions
2007 - 2008       Postdoctoral Fellow CSIRO Entomology, Australia.
                        Research: Ecology of fungal pathogens and mosquitoes
2005 - 2007       Postdoctoral Fellow University of New Brunswick, Canada.
                        Research: Forest insects and biological control
2002 - 2005       PhD Studentship NERC CEH Oxford/Oxford Brookes UK.
                        Research: Molecular ecology of insect viral-pathogens
2001 - 2002       Research Assistant NERC CEH Oxford, UK. 
                        Research: Molecular biology of insect baculoviruses
1996 - 1999       BSc (Hons) Zoology (2.1) Imperial College, London, UK.

Awards and Funding

Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship EU
            The role of natural-enemies in regulating migratory agricultural pests,             €268,825
2010     Faculty Research Grant Lancaster University.
            Sickly sand-martins: carriers of an emerging infectious disease? £800
2010     International Travel Grant Lancaster University. £940
2009     Faculty Research Grant Lancaster University.
            Emerging diseases: the menace of the shrew, £950
2008     Early Career Grant Scheme Lancaster University.
            Microsatellite development for migratory pest populations, £6000
2005     Student Travel Prize Society of Invertebrate Pathology. US$500