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Election campaign a success. Thanks to everyone.

Oct. 26,2010

I am currently running for Avon Maitland District School Board Trustee in the Municipalities of Central Huron & Huron East.

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 Why am I running for Trustee? Why should you vote for me? 

Unfortunately, many people, I was one; don’t follow the education system beyond their child’s classroom or even less. Being involved in the Central East North Huron Accommodation Review in 2008/2009 opened my eyes to the wider picture of the Education System. The funding formulas, the bureaucracy, the autocracy, the program development and implementation, all began to entice me to follow the education system more closely in the AMDSB and also that of the Ministry.

I am self-taught on many aspects of the system; you could say one of the new trends in education, Self Directed Learning. One needs to be open minded to all ideas, theories, programs, trend that are developing and developed to implement and enhance education and learning. Sometimes things go against the public’s desire but if you have come in with an open mind and looked at all information, you make the best decision you can at the time with what you have been given. Current topics/trends/concerns in education include: standardized testing, reform, technology incorporation (Web 2.0), Funding, curriculum, the 21st Century Classroom (creativity, interactive, self teaching), FDK/ELP, Declining Enrolment/Accommodation Reviews, School Fees & Fundraising.

Take a look around, how the world has changed in the last 50 years, even the last 10? Has the Education system kept pace? The amount of information/knowledge out there has increased many folds. The teachers and the textbooks are not longer the only source of this information. The determination of what is now relevant and what needs to be taught and how will be an ongoing discussion for many years to come.

I am not coming in with rosy glasses, anticipating making riveting changes. The accountability and openness of both the Board and Ministry are essential for people’s trust in the system. Consultation is primary. The exchange of information is upmost. Dialogue needs to be maintained. Where should our priorities lie?

Sept, 25, 2010

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Oct. 10, 2010

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Oct. 15, 2010

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