Brazilian Culture Quest

Big Fun in the Amazon Rain Forest



 Biodiversity in Brazil

PROJECT SUMMARY: Brazil is located on the east coast of the South America with a long coast line on Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the largest contries in the world with and area of  8,511,965 square kilometers. Thanks to its large size it has a wide variety of  natural resources.  It has large amounts of natural fresh water, found mainly in the amazon river along with one of the largest forests in the world. There are roughly 160 million people living in Brazil.  However, this is just a small amount of the life that exists in its beautiful country.    In this project will will explore the amazing Biodiversity of Brazil, specificially  the four topics below.

Amazon Aquatic Critters and Follage

Amazon Animals

Human Impact

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Ijeoma Nwachukwu, Robert Harrits.  Joe Helpern

We are members of Cohort 12 of New York City's Teaching Fellows Program.  All three of use teach science in the Bronx and are pursing our masters in education at Lehman College.  This project has been created for our class ESC 529

Livng Environement

Grade Level: 9 and 10

Number of Classsroom hours spent on the project: 3t: 







Students will be able to identify and describe the different animals, plants, fish that exist in the amazon.  In addition they will understand how human beings interact with their environment and effect the Amazon Rain Forest



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Our Project seeks to promote better understanding and appreciation of the different species inhabiting the Brazilian Rain forest on the effect humans have on it.  We hope to promote appreciation of Brazilian culture along with strengthen inquiry, research and literacy skills while providing students with technology skills for the 21st century.

This Culture Quest can be used by a Living Environment science teacher who in interested in haveing their students research aspects of a rainforest biome.  Further more it can be used as a research project for students on a particular species of animal that night be found in the rainforst of brazil.  Finally, it can be used to show how humans impact the Biodiversity of the earths dwindiling rainforests. 


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We All Had Lots Of Fun and We Hope You Do As Well

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