Storm IM3200 Rifle Case

Excellent protection for an excellent weapon system.


After much deliberation I decided on a Hardigg Storm IM3200 rifle case for my Remington 700 LTR. My 40 inch rifle fits nicely in the 44 inch (interior) case. Of course the case is sturdy and by all accounts will survive the most disgruntled airline employee. I like the rolling wheels. I wish the two handles were spring loaded to return to the case when released; so far that is my only complaint.

Layout. I considered whether I wanted to store the rifle with the scope removed, which provided the most extra blank space in the case, or with the scope attached. The ARMS rings I use supposedly offer return-to-zero performance. In the end, I left the scope on but angled the rifle to provide general purpose storage space. This provided a nice pocket in the upper left corner for my Otis cleaning system, dessicant brick, and bolt. These spaces were all connected with air channels to the dessicant brick to keep humidity down.


I intend to write more later. For now, here's a video showing how easy the latches are to operate. I like these latches much more than my brother's Pelican case.