Review of Flitz Metal Polish

Satisfactorily removed stains from metal.

This small sample of Flitz metal polish which North American Hunting Club (NAHC) asked me to evaluate worked well. It took a long-standing stain off my favorite Benchmade knife and breathed new life into a rusted, neglected, all-metal Crafstman hammer, though it failed to remove rust from my Land Rover. I give this product an overall rating of SATISFACTORY.

NAHC sent me a small packet of Flitz, about the size of finger-lickin'-good wipes, to try out, and I put it to work on three surfaces with the following results:

  • UNSATISFACTORY: A rusty piece inside my 1996 Land Rover Discovery's door frame
  • SATISFACTORY: A many-year-old stain on my Benchmade knife
  • SATISFACTORY: A rusted, neglected, all-metal Crafstman hammer

Car. My first application was on the rusted section of a door frame on my Land Rover. I rubbed the site down with a tough wash cloth. The figure below shows this starting condition.


After applying Flitz and rubbing hard and long with the wash cloth, the result was not much better. The figure below shows the new condition.


To be fair, I'm not sure this is what the Flitz product was meant to do, but I was hoping.

Knife. Next I tried a stubborn stain that has been on my Benchmade knife for many years. This knife I carry every day, and it's had its share of dirt, grime, and stains, but the one pictured below was resilient to all my cleaning efforts.


After applying a bit of Flitz and rubbing with the wash cloth, I was pleased to see the stain disappear!


Hammer. The final test was more demanding, but I thought it a reasonable test for the product. This metal hammer shows what two humid Florida years can do to tools. The figure below shows the starting position.


I applied Flitz and rubbed it with the wash cloth. I was pleased to see the rust lift off. Although the surface did not return to showroom condition, I think the hammer was much happier after the treatment. The picture below shows the result.


Conclusions & Recommendations. I was pleased with the performance of the Flitz metal polish. I would recommend it to others, and if Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot carry it, I will buy some more.