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Army Ballistics Wound Report

There's a 1987 report from the Army Division of Military Trauma Research, Presidio of San Francisco, titled "What's Wrong with the Wound Ballistics Literature, and Why." Funny how after all these years, people are still arguing about stopping power, ballistics gelatin, and favorite ammunition. Not that this report claims to be the end all, be all, but it at least was written because they saw the same meaningless chatter back then (only with no Internet to amplify it!).

Shooting a .308 with a Suppressor

What we all want to know: What's it like shooting with a suppressor, and should I fork over the dough to get one. Yes, you should. 

350 to 1,000 Yard Shooting in New Mexico

There are a number of longer distance ranges in New Mexico. I got to shoot at two, one out to 350 yards and one out to 1,000 yards. It was a great confidence builder!

Storm IM3200 Rifle Case

After much deliberation I decided on a Hardigg Storm IM3200 rifle case for my Remington 700 LTR. My 40 inch rifle fits nicely in the 44 inch case.

Range Day with Optima 2000 Red Dot Scope

The Optima 2000 red dot scope worked great on top of my Remington 700 LTR and Leupold Mark 4 scope. The ARMS ring cap with Picatinny rail is a great idea.

Blackhawk Special Ops Holster

The Blackhawk Special Operations (Spec Ops) holster is an excellent drop-leg holster with a flap and a thumb break. It has a tight, secure fit with my full size Glock 22, and the flap can be secured with velcro in the up position.


Creek Crossing with Rover

This was a completely pointless creek crossing, except that the road we were on actually did go right across the creek. 

AC/DC Power to the Rear

Just in case I need a microwave in the field, I ran power to the rear of my 1996 Land Rover Discovery and supplied myself with a 700 watt (sustained) power inverter (AC power) and three-hole high-amp "cigarette lighter" adapter.

Old Jeeping Videos

I had a 1984 CJ-7 Jeep in college. I loved it. Back in the days of Buster Keaton we had these camcorders that used VHS tapes. That's what I had, and that's what I have to show.


Review of Flitz Metal Polish

This small sample of Flitz metal polish which North American Hunting Club (NAHC) asked me to evaluate worked well. It took a long-standing stain off my favorite Benchmade knife and breathed new life into a rusted, neglected, all-metal Crafstman hammer, though it failed to remove rust from my Land Rover. I give this product an overall rating of SATISFACTORY.