Blackhawk Special Ops Holster

The Blackhawk Special Operations (Spec Ops) holster is an excellent drop-leg holster with a flap and a thumb break. It has a tight, secure fit with my full size Glock 22, and the flap can be secured with velcro in the up position.

Belt Loops. There are two belt loops, each about 2" wide with 1/2" gap between them. The loops are velcro and can be adjusted to fit snugly for different belt sizes. The gap is perfectly placed to go around the belt loop that most pants and shorts have at your hip bone. Amazingly you can still access your front pocket with the holster in place.

Strap. Because the holster does not extend as low as, say, the Blackhawk Omega VI Assault holster, the Spec Ops holster needs only one strap to go around your leg. This strap does not have to be cinched down tight like the Omega VI. In fact, if you took the strap off altogether, the holster would work fine, though it would be a bit floppy.

Flap. The flap covers the handgun nicely and presents a neat, trim package to onlookers. For situations where a sidearm is an emergency tool in an otherwise non-violent situation, like working in wildlife-encroached areas, this arrangement seems ideal. Furthermore the flap provides extra protection against dirt and debris if you find yourself crawling through the mud. With the flap down, A.L.I.C.E./MOLLE straps allow you to attach pouches above the flap. Blackhawk sells magazine pouches that would be well-suited to this location.

The flap can also be secured with velcro in the up position, turning the holster effectively into a traditional thigh holster.

Thumb break. With a flip of the thumb, the handgun comes out. The thumb break comes with a flip-the-thumb-toward-the-outside-to-release orientation. With all the velcro, it seems you can change this around, but you would probably have trouble releasing it if you had it in the flip-the-thumb-against-your-leg orientation. Still, arrange it to your heart's content.



Draw. Drawing the weapon and securing it again was not overly complicated, but you wouldn't win any western-style quickdraw duels with it. That not being the point of the holster, it seems to be an excellent overall arrangement. The video below shows the drawing and holstering process.

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