AC/DC Power to the Rear

Just in case I need a microwave in the field, I ran power to the rear of my 1996 Land Rover Discovery and supplied myself with a 700 watt (sustained) power inverter (AC power) and three-hole high-amp "cigarette lighter" adapter.

The first step was getting some fat wire to the rear to supply plenty of juice. It turns out there's a nice little grommet just waiting to be punched through the firewall on the driver's side. You can actually see and reach the hole from the engine compartment and under the dashboard with no problem. I've never seen such a convenient place to punch through the firewall. Of course, the batter is in the far corner of the engine compartment: by the grill, on the passenger's side (right side, for you backward drivers).

From the engine compartment on the left side of the vehicle you can see a grommet. Punch it out with your finger. Turn your head upside down under the dash board on the left side of the vehicle, and you'll see the access point through the firewall.

I ran 4 ga. wire through here and put in a heavy duty fuse box under the driver's seat. The wire and box had been pulled from my last car (a Subaru WRX STi) before I sold it. I then ran 8 ga. wire from the box to the back, running under the carpet and such.

In the back I removed the panel that houses the left rear speaker. In this panel I found a convenient grounding source (below).

I used some 10 ga. wire to tap off the power inverter (too cheap to go buy another big fuze block). This I used to provide power to a terminal strip (picture missing) which in turn provided power to a three plug "cigarette lighter" 12V power adapter from Radio Shack.

Wanting the option of running power with the car off, all these items are powered straight from the battery except that the power inverter has a built-in on/off switch, and I put a switch in-line with the cigarette lighter adapters so that I could turn them off (they have a lighted ring that would otherwise slowly drain my battery).