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        Robert Hall Furber, was, and still is a greatly loved man by all that new him.  From being a hard core rocking musian, to being a cheese monger at the river cafe and cheese shop, he did it all, and weel I might add.

        Robert became a man that everyone at his younge age would want to be.  He played in many great bands.  One of his band, Durango 95, played a tour all around Erope.  They became well know for a number of years.  Robert Furber shows the world what being a man is all about.

       To this day, and for years to come, Robert will be loved.  As I say again.  We will all love his every day of our lives.  There wont be a day that his beloved friends and family wont think of him.  We all hold warm and strong memories of one of the greatesed men to ever live on planet earth.


                               -Corbin Furber

                                      Son of Robert the Great

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