Our Mission

The Robert Frost Foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit organization (501(c)3) founded in 1997, that originated when local artists, scholars, and writers came together to commemorate the poet Robert Frost and Elinor White and their connection to the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts. The mission of the foundation is to communicate the spirit and work of Frost and White to their home town of Lawrence and beyond; to celebrate the profound influence Lawrence had on the poet and his work; and to use this legacy as a source of inspiration for programs in the schools, businesses, and the larger community.


Name: Robert Frost Foundation

Type of Organization: All-volunteer Non-profit, 501 c3

Age: 17 years

Birthday: 1996

Location: Lawrence Library, 51 Lawrence St., Lawrence, MA 01841

Hours: By Appointment, Tuesday, Thursday, 9-9


Featured Poets Followed By A Round-Robin Open Mic: January-June, Every 2nd Tuesday at 7pm Cafe Azteca 180 Common Street, Lawrence

Annual Middle School Poetry Bee Events: April-June at the Lawrence Library and selected middle schools in Lawrence

Annual High School Poetry Day and Festival: On a Friday in October at Lawrence High School, 70-71 North Parish Road, Lawrence, MA, consists of:

  • School Day program for teachers and students, LHS Auditorium, school day
  • Evening program open to the public, LHS Lecture Hall, 7-9pm

Poets celebrate Robert Frost and present Robert Frost Award.

Scholarship Program: January-July. Kickoff assembly at Lawrence High School in January.

Robert Frost Award: Award for the best poem in the spirt of Frost,  

Reading period, March 15-January 1.  


Email: frostfoundation@comcast.net

Flickr: frostfoundation

Facebook: Robert Frost fan group 



Seamus Heaney: One On A Side, Seamus Heaney’s 2002 Lecture on Frost


Robert Frost in Lawrence , Massachusetts   

In Lawrence, Robert Frost went to high school; met and served as co-valedictorian of Lawrence High School Class of 1892 with his future wife, Elinor White; held his first jobs; and wrote and published his first poem. 

Exhibitions Related to Frost in Lawrence

The Foundation office is located in the Robert Frost Room of the Lawrence Public

Library. The Frost Foundation tells the story of Robert Frost in Lawrence in ways designed to increase community involvement as shown by the following examples:

The Community Activities of the Frost Foundation

The Student Day of Poetry and Annual Community Read (October)

The Robert Frost Poetry Award  (On Hold 2015-16)

The Robert Frost Foundation promotes poetry through poetry competitions. Offering yearly $1000 poetry prize to  an international poetry award. Contributions are accepted from April through September each year. Guidelines are available at frostfoundation.org by clicking on Poetry Award.

The Robert Frost Poetry Bee 

The Foundation works with teachers to stage local poetry bees during regular school hours-- an original Frost Foundation concept, and now an ongoing program in the Lawrence schools.  At each local bee, student-contestants memorize and recite their favorite poems to compete for prizes and give a younger voice to poetry of Lawrence .   These public recitations of Frost poems not only encourage students to make some of America 's favorite poems their own, but also promote civic pride in school events.

Poetry Hoots 

On the second Tuesday of each month from January to June, the 
foundation features the work of local poets in an attempt to encourage their work. These short-featured readings are followed by an open microphone. Information is available by clicking on the Events link on the Frost web site.

Scholarships and Internships

Each year several Robert Frost-Elinor White Urban Scholarships that cover tuition for five weeks of study at Phillips Academy Summer Session are facilitated by the Robert Frost Foundation working with guidance counselors at Lawrence High School .

The scholarships for approximately $7000 each are available for summer study after the 10th or 11th grade years. The scholarships are available to students of Lawrence High School who demonstrate exceptional promise in school and leadership potential in the community. 

Elinor White (Frost) and Robert Frost were co-valedictorians at Lawrence High School The scholarships seek to renew the legacy of Frost and White through the recognition of the intellect and promise of young urban scholars in the Lawrence Public Schools.