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The Hound - Explication

In the poem “The Hound” Robert Francis is comparing life to a dog.  He explains that life and a dog’s life is hard to understand. He compares the two by saying that a dog can either hurt him or can be his friend.  The speaker continues to talk about life by saying that he would not be able to tell which way life is taking him until it is there in his hands, so he now has to wait for things to happen patiently.  The purpose of this poem is to express his feelings about life. The poet has mixed feelings on which way life will take him.  He believes that life will be nice to him and be his friend and next he believes that life will turn on him and hurt his life. He does not know he will go through but him, but while living he may live his life in fear because he want know how to live.  The whole poem is a metaphor because it is a comparison of a dog and life.  The poem begins by giving the first words of comparison and the second line tells how they are the same and not the same.  As the poem proceeds it is an explanation on how life is compared to a dog.  Even though the speaker does not know what to suspect he is going to go through with life until he sees and realizes what is going on in his life.