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All You Need To Know About Buying And Selling Stocks

Rob Domanko from HSBC knows that there are various means of making money in today's high-paced and stressful society with one of the most successful being
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investments on the stock market.  While the stock market has a reputation of being highly volatile, it is only those that do not complete the correct preparation that will see a fall.  Buying and selling stocks is an art and to be successful one must have the correct knowledge for this craft.  This article will provide information on how to sell and buy stocks; as well as providing some information on the best times to purchase stock market investments.

The Rules For Buying And Selling Stocks

While it is important to understand the process of selling and buying stocks, one must have a vague inclination of the different rules when completing this activity.  Below are the three main rules successful investors utilize to ensure their stock purchases are beneficial.

1. Buy When The Volume Is Above Average

When purchasing stocks it is highly recommended that one purchase a liquid stock.  A liquid stock is a form of stock
100 day moving average
investment that can be managed easily and sold quickly when it needs to be sold.  In order to make this type of investment one must be aware of the volume fluctuation within the market.  Many individuals will trade on volume indicators exclusively; however, this is merely a form of insider trading and will not ensure profitable overall stocks.  Seek the advice of experienced traders such as Robert Domanko HSBC to help you understand the markets.

In order to find the fluctuations in the market volume levels one will be required to complete prior preparation.  It is recommended that one complete a chart to mark the changes and base purchases on these statistics.  If one is a short term trader than application of a 100 day average would be a beneficial indicator; however, it is important to purchase the stock only once the price is above the 100 day moving line.

2. Purchasing When Higher Lows Are Reached

One of the most important rules to follow when trading the stock market is to purchase only when there are three
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consecutive higher lows present.  To identify the presence of these higher lows one will require more graph preparation.  The chart being used must show daily open and closing prices with information on the stock and contact details of the owner.
To utilize this effectively one must use the data on the graph to determine when three consecutive higher lows are displayed.  One must remember that the investment price low is near the bottom of the bar and is not the closing price.  Many individuals have utilized the closing price only to face devastating consequences.  Once this low has been evident for three days it is recommended one purchase a liquid stock and manage it in this beneficial market environment.

3. Purchasing On The 100 Day Moving Average

As is mentioned above, the fluctuation of volumes can be determined using a 100 day average graph.  This is useful for short term traders as it shows when a price of stocks is above a moving average.  The idea of effective trading is to purchase the stock once it hits an upward trend and is moving above the volume average.  It is vital to purchase a liquid stock as one will want to sell the item when facing a downward trend.

Tips On Buying And Selling Stocks

As is mentioned above, the act of buying and selling stocks requires a great amount of skill and determination.  Below are
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some tips for the beginner trader to enter the market effectively and make a profit on the stocks.

1. Learning The Ropes

No individual can enter a financial investment field without any knowledge and make a profit.  If this does happen it is nothing but sheer, dumb luck; therefore, it is essential that one gain information on the different trading mechanisms.  This information can be learned through various means, such as online websites and libraries.  The most effective method to learning the ropes is by shadowing a stock market investor.  By following this individual one will learn how to prepare for stock purchases and when to sell the stocks.

2. Opening An Account

To operate as a legitimate trader one will require a stock trading account.  It is relatively easy to open this type of account and full service accounts are available online; however, it is recommended that one employ the skills of a stock broker to ensure no independent errors will be made.  It is important to do research into the company being utilized as some stock brokering companies have specific requirements before opening an account, such as a set bank balance.

3. Studying The Market

As can be assumed from the information above one must study the stock market in order to make effective purchases and
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sales.  This will act as a degree of preparation and will assist in determining the trends of investments.  It is through this research that one will be able to identify beneficial slips in the market and make a profitable investment.

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