For descendants and friends of the eminent 19th Century sculptor and artist, Ball Hughes  (1804-1868)

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    Welcome to the home for the history and art of my ancestor, Robert Ball Hughes and his family.  This is a work in progress and your comments are greatly appreciated.  I started this research knowing only that my ancestor was a famous artist.  I've come to learn more than I imagined was available.

With recent advances in the Internet, a great deal of information is now available for research without traveling to distant libraries to view original sources.  Thanks to
Google Books and the Internet Archive, full-text copies of many historic books are available online.  Images of people, places, documents, and artwork are also available from many sources that are difficult if not impossible to find otherwise.

    I'm attempting to compile the information that I've found so far into a biography of Ball Hughes and his family on this site.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    See the Please help write this history page for information needed to fill in the gaps and answer some of the questions that have come up in this research.

    This project is much more work than I expected due to the amount of information I've accumulated since I started in February 2008.  Many thanks to all my sources for their help.

    I'm trying to get as much information on every page as soon as possible and it's a daunting task.  Please excuse the spelling and grammar in the meantime and 
e-mail me if you find mistakes or bad links.

The Legacy of Ball Hughes 

    My research shows no signs of slowing down. I now have over 50 MB of information on over 100 webpages. The site has developed into the life story of Ball Hughes and his family.

    You can almost imagine being at the historic locations and witnessing the exciting events and times that the Ball Hugheses lived through. 
 From Eliza living 8 miles away from the Battle of Waterloo, to the Royal Academy, Royal estates, a country fair, a stormy 10-week ocean voyage to a new country, New York, Philadelphia, and finally to Boston.
    Over their lives, the Ball Hugheses met Royalty and famous artists, writers, actors, and politicians. They created the legacy of their art, taught drawing to art students, lectured on art, and raised a family.
    I'm privileged to present their legacy to you.

All Aboard

    Start your tour with the Quick Facts Timeline and Biography pages, then jump around to learn more about Robert Ball Hughes, his family, and their art.

    Be sure to check out the First Marble Statue carved in America, the First Bronze Statue cast in America, The First Pokerism, and the portraits of Robert and Eliza by Col. John Trumbull.

    Please e-mail me with your comments, questons, or suggestions. I look forward to meeting you. You can also post comments on the Friends of Robert Ball Hughes Blog.

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Please let me know if you find any links on this site that do not work.
David Brown
Buffalo, NY
Last site update 3/31/2013
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