How to sell your old Home Movies on eBay
for a small but steady profit.


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 For helpful Video information I have found these two sites to be outstanding.

Bill Myers Online


Vidoe University


How to make a small but steady profit selling your old home movies on eBay.

If your hobby is making home movies with your video camera you may have in your closet tapes that could make you a small but steady profit by selling them on eBay or your webpage.

I have been making my own home movies with video ever since the small inexpensive video cameras came out back in the '70s. Nearly all of my videos are for home use for friends and family. I never imagined anyone else would be interested in viewing them, much less buying them.

A couple of years ago I was looking around for more products to put on my eBay store when I thought about selling some of my old home movies. I transferred two tapes from old 8mm video to DVD and put them in my eBay store and have been selling them regularly ever since. I estimate that between the two little home made movies I have sold over 80 DVDs in the last 18 months  for between $6.95 and $10 each. The volume is fairly low but the profits are large. Sales are consistent and have brought in close to 700 hundred dollars in the last year-and-a-half. This is from simply selling two old home movies that were just sitting in my closet collecting dust.

The first  video I tranferred to a DVD  is an 8 mm home movie taken of the Chalk's Seaplane tour of Miami and a flight down to Key west and back on the same airplane. The second video is a wonderful little movie of the old Scottish Festival on Key Biscayne. You can see my ads for the videos here in my eBay store

The cost to make these videos is quite low. My costs to produce are the price of the DVD, the ink to print the front of the DVD, the paper envelope and the shipping envelope- about 69 cents total. However, eBay and Paypal marketing costs are higher.


Neither of these videos were edited heavily on the computer, in fact they were transferred straight from the camcorder to my inexpensive LG brand DVD recorder that I bought for $89. I used a simple low tech "thumb edit" and simply paused the DVD recorder when the tape is showing poor or repetitive footage transferring  all the good parts to  the DVD for the viewer to watch. After I have the tape on DVD I snag a few photos from the video and use the photos for the cover and to print on the DVD or to put in my eBay ad.

Scottish Festival Key Biscayne

I've sold a lot of items on eBay, however these small inexpensive home made DVDs are my most favorite things that I have sold. I always get a kick out of mailing these to my customers as I never imagined anyone would be buying these homemade videos when I made them years ago. In addition, the people buying them are interested in the same things I am so it is fun to share with them and the feedback I get is very enjoyable.

Chalk's Seaplane air Tour Miami/Key West


If you want to edit your videos more professionally you may want to start out with a simple editor like Windows Moviemaker before you spend a lot of money and time on a more powerful editor like Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas. Windows Movie Maker comes with most PCs now so it will be free for you to try.

If you don't have old home movies but want to try taping more current items to make into DVDs to sell I would encourage you to plan ahead before taping and to try to edit in camera as much as possible to reduce your editing time. Also, give the customer what they want,not what you want to give them. If possible, test market before spending a lot of time on your video. In addition, don't add a lot of special effects and fancy stuff, instead spend time getting the best sound you can and work with the light and have fun with your shooting so your viewers can have some fun too.


What type of videos should you offer? If you have in your closet old videos of destinations or pastimes that you were extremely interested in then more than likely you will find other people that are interested in the same subject  too. Now, I'm not saying you will make a lot of money doing this- however, once you make your DVD and post it on eBay it's quite fast and easy to copy a new DVD whenever you get an order. It's sort of like printing money.

If you sell your old home movies and start getting a lot of enthusiastic orders you may have found a niche that was not being met by other sellers and you could make additional videos to satisfy your market. If you have many videos of a similar topic you can combine videos to increase the price and your profit.

If you do decide to market your movies let me know what you are selling and I may be willing to swap some of mine with yours. I enjoy looking at other home made movies as I always find good ideas from looking at them.

If you decide to start a small business making and selling your own video products I have found

Bill Myers Online

and Videouniversity

to be two of the best video information sites on the web. Bill charges a small subscription fee for his site but has hundreds of articles that can be read for free without joining and the wedding Videographers forum on Video University is full of some of the most helpful and knowledgeable working video professionals on the web that are always ready to help , just don't tell them you are a wedding photographer. LOL

Selling your old home movies is an idea that should not take a lot of time or money and could lead to a small but steady source of income, it is also personally rewarding and fun to do.

Robert Moffett

copyright 2007

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