The Pouchel- a Flying Flea airplane design you build from ladders!


The Flying Flea design is one of my favorite airplane designs. The staggered twin wing design by Henri mignet has been around since the 1930's and has a fascinating story.



There were many deaths in the early do it yourself airplane craze this design spawned back in the dawn of aviation, most due to builders taking shortcuts with the design.


The design is famous for not being able to spin or stall. Some say it is the dealiest aircraft in the sky and others that actually fly the planes say it is the safest.

  I became even more fascinated when I saw the Pouchel design made from aluminum ladders.


I have collected a couple of dozen youtube videos on a Flying Flea playlist if you would like to see them in action.


To read more about the design you can go to several places on the web plus join yahoo groups devoted to the design.

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