How to make the $12 Snorkelbox- A small and simple underwater
 videocamera housing.


I recently uploaded to youtube  a little video I made showing how I make what I am calling the Snorkelbox. The Snorkelbox is a very low cost and simple housing for small videocameras. The housing is great to use anytime you are out on the water and can be used snorkeling to 12 to 15 feet deep.If your camera is less than 6 inches long and 3 and 3/4 inches wide or tall then your videocamera should fit.
You can watch the video and scrounge up the parts shown and easily make one yourself for around $12.
 If you are interested I will sell the parts already cut in a kit for about $24 to save you time.
There are many other containers out there that would make reasonable candidates for modifying into a camera housing. If you can't find the container shown and don't want to buy my little kit then  the assembly instructions I am showing should help you easily modify your own container choice.
youtube video


To make your Snorkelbox you will need:

1.) One plastic container with lid as shown

(I have found these size containers in the grocery store sold with dry cat food and once I saw malted milk ball candy sold in one)

Container volume is 64 oz size

Container dimensions 7 ½ inches tall & 4 ¾ inches wide

Container lid is 110 mm

Container opening 3 ¾ diameter

2.) One Buna O ring to fit inside container lid

(I get mine from Marco Rubber online part number B1000-244)

3.) One 1/8 thick clear acrylic circle 110 mm diameter for the lens

4.) One piece of 1/8 Masonite 6 x 2 ¼ inch

5.) One Velcro circle 1 7/8 inch

6. ) One ¼ bolt for mounting camera to masonite board

(You will need a ¼ drill bit to make hole in mounting board to attach the bolt to your camera)

7.) Two cable tie wraps

8.) One rubber finger glove to make the finger control

9.) One ½ inch tall PVC ring cut from ¾ PVC socket connection

( you will need a ¾ inch hole saw bit to make hole in container for finger control)

10.) One 120 mm lid to use as lens cap

11.) 15 inches ¼ inch pine strips to make track for mounting board

( you will need a saw to cut the pine strips)

12.) One 15 inch strip of 1 inch wide neoprene

13.) a razor blade to trim the Neoprene)

14.) A rubber band

15.) A strip of friction cloth to cover the mounting board

16.) One tube of 3M5200

17.) One glue gun

18.) A half dozen glue sticks

19.) A sardine tin to melt the glue sticks in

( and an appropriate safe heat source and location to melt the glue sticks)


20.) In strong sunlight reflections sometimes will appear on the lens so you will also need a large and thick old sock to cover the housing or alternatively you may simply  paint the interior a flat black.


21.) 220 Grit sandpaper to smooth the seams on the container lip

Thanks again,

Robert Moffett

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