How to Make Paper Back Books for Pennies


A couple of years ago I was wanting to bind and print a few copies of a book I had written and was put off by the high cost of the available binding options. I came up with an inexpensive binding method that allowed me to print and then bind paper back books that had perfect binding, that is to say the spine was flat and allowed me to print a title and author on the spine just like the paperback books in the book store. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to see a book I had written with my name on it as the author in just a few minutes after I printed up the pages and cover! I still get a kick out of it.

Nowadays there are several print on demand companies that will  cheaply print small amounts of books. However, if you only need a few copies or want to have complete control over the printing and the binding and print for pennies per copy you should look into making a binder. In addition. If you are an artist you can easily experiment with a binder by adding different papers for your pages and covers to make very unique books.


I made my binder box from a small card board box

A clamp was made from some wood and bolts


And I used foam inserts in the box to adjust the height of the paper and a good glue to glue the covers on the completed book pages.


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How To Make Paper back Books for Pennies

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If you don’t buy the DVD and you have a lot of extra time you can probably just look at the photos I provided and come up with your own binder. In any case, if you have ever wanted to be a published author. using your own simple hand binder is the easiest and cheapest route you can take.

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