How to cut your hair with vacuum cleaner and save $200 a year- crazy but it works!

The never ending monthly expenses are the ones that hurt the most, here is how to get rid of one forever.



  The craziest most goofy thing I did last year was to fire my barber and start cutting my own hair with an attachment that hooks up to my vacuum cleaner.

My old barber retired and the new guy was just to odd for me, he made Floyd, the old weird barber on Andy of Mayberry show look like Colin Powell. I don't like strangers or strange non strangers cutting my hair almost as much as I hate the idea of cutting it myself. But I saw an ad about the Flowbee that attaches to your vacuum cleaner and cuts your own hair easily.

I searched on eBay and found one that was a gift from someone and had never even been used for $29. It was the best thing I ever bought on eBay to save money.

My barber was charging me $15 plus with the 2 dollar tip a once a month haircut was costing me $204 not counting a little something at Christmas and time and car expense.

The Flowbee attaches to the vacuum cleaner and has little plastic extensions on the end and you cut off the length you want a tiny bit at a time. You use a shorter extension each time until your hair is the length you want. I stop cutting the front top first and then stop cutting the top next and end up cutting the sides the shortest. the hardest part is getting the back cut and I always have to use a mirror and scissors to trim the back and finish up over the ears.

It takes a lot of guts to do this. I still remember a co worker coming to work one day with his head shaved and the story was he was cutting his sideburns and could not get them even and ended up shaving his whole head.

However, there is a remarkable sense of achievement once I did this on my own and it turned out great. I was expecting the worst and it came out as good as any cut I have had, not better, but just as good.

It may seem like a lot of work to go through to save $17 bucks but that adds up, if you have a large family the savings from cutting the kids hair if invested would be a sizable some. A wise man once said to accomplish anything in life you need three D's. The desire, the determination, and the Down payment. Sometimes the last is the hardest-If a group of people got together and started pooling their money they saved by getting rid of a monthly bill and investing their saved money in a cause they were concerned about it would be possible to do great things with a devise like this.

The Flowbee can be bought new for about $59-$69 online and I see them used on eBay for $20-$30. Ask the seller if it has been used and if it has been used to make sure the blades are shiny and not tarnished as then they would probably still be new.

There is a competitor of Flowbee called Robocut and it is a few dollars more and seems to have more advantages but I like the Flowbee and many users report 10-15 years of steady use so that is good enough for me.

The biggest danger will not come from messing up your hair, the biggest danger will come from wanting to tell everybody about this totally goofy way you came up with to save money and having them look at you like you are a fruitcake. I put my $17 I saved every month in donations to the Ron Paul campaign for President and told everyone I was donating to him so they were going to think I was a fruitcake anyway.

Need money to donate to a cause and don't have any money- buy a Flowbee or Robocut and use the savings to make the world a better place or just save money for your kids school fund, just don't plan on sending then to Barber school




Flowbee cutting side hair



The Robocut is a competitor and has some advantages not found with the Flowbee, it can cut dogs hair without special attachments needed with the Flowbee and it can cut hair shorter, but some users find the rotating blade less user friendly than the shear type blades of the Flowbee.

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