"I love Rob-A-Que. I have loved everything I've tried there, but if I have to pick a favorite, I'm going to go with the Chicken Salad. It's got that *extra something* that I love. The atmosphere is great & staff is always friendly. Every time I go I try something new & I have yet to find something I didn't like".
BenJamin Cundiff

THAT food was AWESOME!!!!"  Joseph M. Legel, DMLO

That was yummy!  I even love the cookies.  Keep them on the rotation."  LOL 
 Kellie R. Campbell,DMLO

"This was delish!  I thought everything was tasty."
Thanks!  SG, DMLO 

"Awesome! I'll never be able to eat a regular meat loaf again" 
Dennis Bryant

"It was the best BBQ and Slaw I have ever had. We will definitely come there again" Richard Manias
Keith Anderson & Rob From Rob A Que Louisville KY BBQ
Myron Mixon & Rob From Rob A Que Louisville KY BBQ