DENSO robotics line-up:


As a sister company of TOYOTA, DENSO decided in the 1960’s to introduced flexible automation on a large scale in its own factories. With an current installed base of 16.000 DENSO robots in its own production facilities, DENSO is now largest end user of industrial robot. It has contributed to DENSO to be one of the most successful and largest car-parts manufacturer in the world. This reference has convinced many other manufacturing companies to also use DENSO robots resulting in a total-installed-base of 60.000 DENSO robots worldwide.

DENSO robotics offers the widest range of small and fast robots. For each type of application DENSO has a specific robot. This makes standardisation possible without having to lose on performance. The quality and reliability of DENSO robots has convinced other robot manufacturers (e.g. ADEPT & KUKA) to select DENSO as supplier of robots and to sell them as own brand. However, you can buy the original at ROBA-Engineering without any additions so that reliability is guaranteed. The slim design of the DENSO robotic arm and the little robot controller – the smallest in its class- make it possible to construct a robot application with a minimal size.

DENSO en HYUNDAI robots can be used for the following applications:

- Assembly
- Pick & place
- Packaging
- Dispensing (Glue dispensing)
- Inspection
- Machine tending
- Ultrasonic Welding
- CO2 welding
- Spotwelding

HYUNDAI robotics line-up:

Where DENSO stops, HYUNDAI  goes on. With a range from 6 to 500kg payload HYUNDAI has the suitable robot for each “high payload” application. By their wide employability such as pick & place, arc- and spot-welding,  machine tending, palletizing, the HYUNDAI robots have contributed to the rapid rise of HYUNDAI/KIA automotive.

The success of KMS (Kia Motor Slovakia), where 320 HYUNDAI robot-units vouch for a very reliable production process, got the attention of other car manufacturers in Europe. It has made them decide to use HYUNDAI robots which has led to a rapid expansion of the installed base.