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ROBA Engineering B.V. is the dealer of DENSO and HYUNDAI-robotics in the Benelux. These leading robot manufacturers supply a wide range of robots. ROBA also supplies all robot related services, such as; robot advice, training, part integration, trouble shooting, maintenance & service and spare part supply. This, together with our years of experience, makes us a full and reliable partner in robotics.

In addition to robotics we supply the EYEFEEDER® and the MINI-EYEFEEDER®, both patented flexible feeding-systems developed by ROBA-Engineering. The feeders allow you handling of parts of arbitrary shapes. The software is fully integrated in the DENSO robot controller and guarantees a 100% fast and flexible production.

As a strategic partner of ROBOTUNITS, we offer you a "one-stop-shopping" possibility. With the philosophy "more with less" the aluminium profiles of ROBOTUNITS allows you to construct high accurate robot cell without drilling or milling, to easily design your transfer or linear systems and create protection with the fencing of ROBOTUNITS based on one and the same technology. The unique fastening technology guarantees a quick build up with high quality.

DENSO Cobotta
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