Welcome!  This website details information on a North Carolina State University study of striped bass in the Roanoke River and Albemarle Sound.
The study objectives are:  
  • To estimate seasonal and spatial patterns in recreational and commercial fishing mortality rates for striped bass in the Albemarle Sound and Roanoke River and to estimate a natural mortality rate for this population.
  • To estimate tag reporting rates for recreational and commercial sectors separately using a fishery independent method (PIT tagging) and to evaluate if this method could be used to produce annual estimates of tag reporting rate for striped bass and other marine and estuarine species.
  • To estimate hook and line release mortality rates for striped bass in the Roanoke River.
  • To estimate the portion of the adult Albemarle Sound population that enters the Roanoke and Chowan basin rivers, respectively, during a spawning season, to better understand stock dynamics
For more information, contact:  Julie Harris (jeharris@ncsu.edu)