My SCA Arts & Sciences Projects

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. As such, I have created a persona that I work very hard to make as historically accurate as I can afford to do in both time and money. Part of that process requires that I do a good bit of crafting. Luckily, I absolutely love to create something from nothing, so my efforts to this endeavor are one of pleasure - and the occasional pain.

With so many projects going on, and now attempting to teach some classes as well, it seemed to make sense to keep everything all in one place. Well, you've found the place. :) I will be updating this page as my projects progress, including adding mead recipes, pictures, and all of the mistakes I make along the way. I hope this serves as a learning tool for many, a warning to others, and a fun place to visit regardless of where you are on the Arts & Sciences road.

Current Projects

At this point, I am working on a number of projects. Some of them will take longer than others, so I've added their due dates to kind of help me keep track of what I need to work on when.
  • White underdress -  for soon-to-be Mistress Kathryn's elevation - due September 23rd
  • Vigil Book - Late 13th-century York book for soon-t0-be Mistress Kathryn's vigil (More info as I acquire it; still doing research on it) - due September 23rd
  • Blue and white trim on inkle loom - no deadline
  • Meads - various deadlines
  • Cordials - various deadlines
  • 10 scroll blanks to learn celtic knotwork - due January 25th
  • Create class on historical book types by century and place - due March 2012

Personal Goals

The SCA is my hobby, and it's one that I dedicate a lot of my extra time and money, too. I love what I do with the SCA, and as such, I have a number of long-term goals that I'm hoping to achieve. They are:
  • Make a 13th century herbal - illuminated with period paints, calligraphied with period ink, and hand-bound in leather
    • I would love to have this done by the Spring 2013 A&S competition season
    • I will not be using parchment due to cost of materials
    • The herbal will have 50 herbs included - all period to place and time
  • Create a completely period persona outfit for a 13th century English woman - merchant class.
  • Learn woodworking
  • Learn to create any kind of trim I want with cards