Who knows better than kindergarteners themselves? We asked recent kindergarten graduates what they liked most about kindergarten, and if they could share some advice for the incoming Class of 2028.  Here's what they had to say:

"The fun part about kindergarten last year was art and drawing at free time!  Learning about caterpillars and butterflies was fun too!"
- Kate Meehan, Kindergarten Graduate

"My favorite part of kindergarten was meeting new friends. I loved doing art projects and had so much fun being the grouchy ladybug in our end of year show. I also loved snack time (my favorite snack is Doritos) and recess! Specials are fun too, my favorite is art. You will learn a lot and have so much fun in kindergarten! Good luck!"
- Anthony Reynolds, Kindergarten Graduate
"All the new friends I made."
-Avery Erlichman, Kindergarten Graduate
"In kindergarten I learned to learn, read, spell, add and minus. My teacher was awesome and I made lots of friends."
-Matthew Flaherty, Kindergarten Graduate

"You have to have fun, listen, and respect other people, I don't know what else but I think I will learn that in first grade."
 -Molly O'Reilly, Kindergarten Graduate
"Have fun everyday, pay attention, and learn to read"
 Mikey Huavuy, Kindergarten Graduate

"Be sure and follow the rules. Don't run in the hallways. Be quiet in your line. Be nice and you will make lots of new friends!"
 -Fallon Smith, Kindergarten Graduate