Here are some simple Do's and Don'ts to help you get through those first few weeks of Kindergarten from those who have been there. The members of the RTK Committee are dedicated to this program and find it so useful because they have been exactly where you are now. This first year of school is so exciting and fun, but can also be a little nerve wracking. You'll come away with some wonderful and humorous experiences. Below is what we've learned from our experiences:

get off the bus when the bus driver instructs you to. You're little one will arrive safe and sound. Your nerves will add to your Kindergartners, so play it cool, the last thing you want to do is embarrass your kid by needing an escort off the bus (trust me)!
DON'T be discouraged if you don't get every detail of the day from your Kindergartner... those first few days tucker them out and they're not always up for a recap. Plus, Kindergarten gives them something of "their own" and they might enjoy that independence.
~ Michelle, mom of Domenic (2nd grader) & Sophia (Kindergartener)

DO be a role model for your child and form your own opinion, separate from the bias of others.
DON'T listen to other families' explanations of teacher assignment and perceptions.
~ Kristine, mom of Liam (3rd grader)

DO take pictures ON and OFF the bus... The difference in the pictures is great... My son was so happy to get on the bus. Great picture! Then I took one of him getting off the bus, he was sooooo tired he could hardly step off the bus...
DON'T be surprised if your eating dinner early the first week of school. Those kiddos get pooped by the first week of kindergarten...
~ Julie, mom of Conor (2nd grader) & Liam (4th grader)

DO volunteer in your child’s classroom. I really didn't think I would be good as a volunteer in the classroom with 20 Kindergartners but the teachers break it up into smaller groups so it is manageable and I have found it to be my favorite part of the whole week. I really enjoy the kids and their perspective on things and being able to help out the teacher a bit.
~ Leigh, mom of Kelsey (2nd grader)

Not that this ever happened to me :).....BUT, if your child normally takes the bus home and instead you are picking your child up at the end of the day and they do not come to the door with all of the other pick-up students...DON'T go into complete panic mode thinking your child is on the bus home... the buses are still just getting to the school when the pick up students are released.
DON'T forget to keep a close eye on your child's cafeteria account. Once they figure out they can charge cookies and ice cream it's all over!
~Tracy, mom of Lydia (4th grader) & Alex (Kindergartener) & Peter (First graders)