Q: What is the B.A.S.E. program?

A:  The Before and After School Extension (B.A.S.E.) program is a before school and after school program offered by the school district. It is a tuition based program designed to assist families that need childcare before classes start and after they end. There is more information on the Mitchell website and B.A.S.E questions will be answered at the Kindergarten Orientation(Check the Events page for further details). For further information please visit the BASE page B.A.S.E Program of the school's website.

Q: I’m new to the school system and I need before and after school care for my child, what is the process for signing my child up for BASE?
A: Please visit the BASE School Year Program website Bridgewater-Raynham School District Website.
    1. Review the BASE Handbook

    2. Print and fill out the BASE Registration Form

    3. All registrations should be completed and brought to the Mitchell at the Middle School Office. ATTN: BASE.

    4. Once the paperwork has been sent in, payment is to be made online. Payments for September are due in August.  Personal Check and Cash are not accepted.

Q: Is BASE available during school vacations?

A:Yes, BASE is available during Christmas, February & April Vacations on selected days.

Note: BASE is not open on Presidents Day or Patriots Day.

Q: Is BASE open on days when school is canceled due to the weather?

A: No

Q: Is BASE open during morning weather delays?


Q: Can I claim BASE on my taxes?

A:Yes, TAX ID# 046-006-536.

Q: Can I sign my child up for BASE at any point throughout the school year?

A: Yes, please contact David Bewley, dbewley@bridge-rayn.org or 508-631-1786 for more information.

Q: How do I sign my child up each month for BASE?

A: A blank calendar month sheet will be provided to you for the upcoming month. Turn in the calendar either in the child’s backpack folder or to BASE directly by the 1st of the month, then go online to pay for the days noted on the submitted calendar sheet.  

Q: How do I pay for BASE?

A: Please visit the BASE School Year Program website Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District Website.

Add the number of BASE mornings and BASE afternoons that your child will attend BASE for the upcoming month to your cart.

  • Note: As of now, there is only one character space displayed on the screen, but it will allow for double digit entry (ex: 12)

Please be sure to enter the student’s name in the Student Name box.

Before you can checkout, you must sign into your Bridgewater Account.

Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email.

September’s monthly payment per individual child is due in August. Nine additional monthly payments will then be due on the first of each month beginning on October 1st.  

Q: What is the earliest time I can pick up my child from afternoon BASE?

A: The earliest pickup time is 3:30pm. The latest pickup time is 6:00pm.

Q: What is the earliest time I can drop my child off in the morning?

A: BASE opens at 7:00am.

Q: How late can I drop in the morning?

A: 8:45am

Q: Does BASE provide homework assistance?

A: The BASE staff will help all students with homework if needed. They often check the homework to make sure it is correct.

Q: Where and how does drop off and pickup occur?

A: Pickup and drop off for BASE is located at the horseshoe entrance of Mitchell at the Middle.

Q: Can anyone drop off or pickup my child?

A: Parent/Guardian information is identified when you sign up for BASE. If this information changes throughout the school year, please contact David Bewley, dbewley@bridge-rayn.org or 508-631-1786. If any changes happen the parent/guardian needs to provide a photo identification when picking up the child.

Q: Are snacks provided to my child?

A:Yes, a nutritious snack is provided for those students enrolled in the afternoon program. In the case of special diets, parents/guardians should provide snacks as needed. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to send bottled water.

Q: What will my child do at BASE? What does a typical morning/afternoon consist of?

A:Morning:In the morning the children come into the Cafeteria and place their belongings there. They can have breakfast that they brought from home or BASE provides cereal and milk. There are games available to play. At about 7:45 am the students are separated by grade, and depending on the day they may go to gym, computers or play games. At 8:30 am the students in grades K & 1 will come back into the Cafe and watch part of a movie before school begins. The 2nd and 3rd graders will gather in the smaller Cafe and play a little game together.

Afternoon:In the afternoon the children are separated by grade. Grades 1-3 will have a snack and do their homework. Kindergarteners will have a snack and have circle time. At about 4pm the students depending on grade will go to different activities. The activities are typically gym, computers, and group games (which are board games & coloring). Some afternoons we have arts and crafts, coloring and cooking. Depending on the time you pick your child up in the afternoon you will come to the desk (located at the horseshoe driveway) and a BASE staff member will call the other staff on a walkie-talkie to notify who is getting pick up. The child will gather their belongs and come to the desk to meet their parent/guardian.  

Q: What if my child requires medication or has an injury, is there a nurse or medical staff on duty?

A: All BASE staff are CPR certified. We have access to the nurse's office to access any medications the child might need while at BASE.  

Q: What if I pay for BASE but have an unexpected one day and need to cancel such as early release, parent pickup, bus, home sick?

A: There are no deductions for absences or last minute changes in daily routine. Parents/Guardians must notify the BASE program when sending notices to teachers or calling the office regarding attendance matters.

Q: Is my incoming Kindergarten student eligible for summer BASE (prior to the start of the school year)?

A: Yes