This is your child's opportunity to participate in Bridgewater's 4th of July parade and celebrate our country's independence! Your child will have an opportunity to ride on the Road to Kindergarten floats with their fellow classmates, wave to the crowds, and show their school pride.

Road to Kindergarten typically has 2-3 floats (trucks) in the parade with a maximum capacity for each. This year we are lucky enough to have 5 floats (trucks)  This event is limited to RTK Kindergarten children only (sorry, no siblings) and 1 parent/legal guardian who will be required to walk in the parade behind the floats for safety reasons. Both parents and children need to wear Road to Kindergarten T-shirts to participate (which are for sale for $10). 

Date: Wednesday, July 4, 2018 
Time: 10 am - 12 pm
*participants need to arrive promptly at 9:30 am for check-in, the parade waits for no one. 
Location: Bridgewater Town Center
Who's Invited: Kindergartener and their parent/guardian. This event is not suitable for siblings

*Registration is required to attend this event: Registration is open. 

If you are planning on joining us in the 4th of July Parade, the RSVP page will open in June. There is a maximum number of children that we can accommodate on the float(s) for safety reasons. It is our goal to involve everyone who wishes to participate in a safe and practical manner. 
For safety and practicality reasons, the following are some rules we ask everyone participating to read and follow:
  • If a Kindergartner wishes to walk in the parade, the family must be registered with the RTK program so we may make an accurate check-in/check-out list.
  • Each child must be accompanied by one parent/guardian. Other members of the family should wait on the parade route to wave as we go by.
  • Both, parents and Kindergartners MUST wear an RTK t-shirt. This will help us know that the children are with parents/guardians/someone they know as we are not selling the t-shirts to just anyone.

We are also asking that each child:

  • Bring a beach or picnic blanket to sit on while riding on the float. We will use them to pad the float for a comfy ride.
  • Please apply sunscreen to all children prior to the arriving for check in.  It can get very sunny along the route.
  • Pack a water bottle for hydration as it came be very warm.
Please be prepared for the weather. Wear sunscreen, a hat and bring your best water bottle loaded with ice. The same is recommended for the parents walking behind the float(s). The Bridgewater 4th of July Committee has asked that candy NOT be tossed from the floats this year as there have been injuries and close calls in the past. Groups who walk the parade, instead of riding on a float, will be allowed to toss candy so candy is not being eliminated, but rather better monitored. 
Because candy is such a highlight for the kids, we will be passing out a candy treat to all of the Kindergartners  at the end of the parade. If you RSVP for this event, we will have a candy treat ready to give to your child when they are properly checked out at the end of the parade.
In an effort to be as safe as possible, your child will be both checked-in and checked-out the day of the parade. They will only be allowed to leave with the parent they arrived with. Please be there promptly at 9:30 am for check-in.
This is an amazing opportunity for the Class of 2031! The newspapers will be there taking photos, so feel free to decorate your kids. Face paint, hair spray, beads it's all wonderful! It should be a great day!